SBI Credit Card Payment to Clear Credit Bill Due Online

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The best source for SBI credit card payment is available in many ways through online and offline, Just login to online portal or quickpay through onlinesbi, billdesk or PayTM or any other platforms, check the process of each…

SBI Credit Card Payment

Paying the credit card dues on time, does ensure you have a good financial transaction and without letting you pay an excess late fee, and SBI Credit Card has a particular due date and paying the due amount by then will also have your credit score undisturbed.

Having debt is always a high risk and it is always better to pay the dues on time, else your debt will increase and will directly disturb your financial transaction. SBI does provide various methods to pay the Bills of third SBI Credit Card even if the customer is directly related to State Bank of India or not.

SBI Credit Card Payment

SBI Credit Card number is the expiry date is enough to pay the dues using any offline or online method.

The payment to SBI Credit Card can be processed through multiple ways which are broadly divided into offline and online methods of transaction. Here are the methods that you can use and get the due amount for your SBI Credit Card to be paid.

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SBI Credit Card Online Payment

The online facility provided by the State Bank of India does allow all customers to make payment to their credit card without considering if they are a customer of SBI or not.

  1. Visit the official website of SBI using the link
  2. Click on Bill Payment form the top menu and tap on Manager Biller
  3. In Billers, click on Add and then opt for the All India Billers
  4. Now select SBI Cards and Payments Service Pvt Ltd from the drop-down list
  5. Enter your SBI Credit Card details and then click on view amount due
  6. Click on payment and use any method to make the payment.
  7. Payment processed through a non SBI account will at least take 24 to 28 hours of span to display and if you use an SBI debit card the amount will be added to your credit instantly.

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SBI Credit Card Bill Payment through Billdesk

Paynet Pay Online is a service which does allow you to make billdesk payment for your SBI Credit Card, and this will ease your process to get your dues cleared on time.

  1. Go to the to use the payment Pay Online page for payment
  2. Here use your SBI credit card login credentials or just select SBI Credit Card form cards
  3. Now enter your card details and then enter the due amount below
  4. Click on confirm and then select the transaction type from drop-down list
  5. Use net banking or SBI debit card to make the payment successfully
  6. That’s it, the due will be cleared and you can start using your card whenever required avoiding the penalty for service charges for late payment of credit card dues.

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SBI Credit Card Payment Online through Mobile Banking

Get the SBI Credit Card Application installed on your device which can be used even if you’re a customer of SBI or not, and just follow these steps and get your SBI Credit Card dues cleared.

  1. Get the App installed in your Device and launch it from Menu
  2. Login to the Mobile App with your credentials if you’re an customer
  3. Non SBI banking customer can register with credit Card number
  4. In the main page you will see the details of your SBI Credit Card
  5. Click on Pay Now button and then click on amount to be paid
  6. Choose the method of payment and process the payment transaction
  7. That’s it, Once the SBI Credit Card dues are cleared, you will be redirected to the main page of Mobile App. Here you can confirm that dues are cleared and your SBI Credit Card is painful to be used.

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SBI Credit Card Payment with Auto Debit Option

There are numerous options to clear your SBI Credit Card outstanding amount, and SBI does provide any facility of auto-debit if you’re a customer of a state bank of India.

  1. Visit the SBI branch and get the auto debit application form
  2. Get the form filled with your details and account number
  3. Make sure you sign it and give credit card number in clear
  4. Submit the form for registration and once these are processed, your SBI Credit Card due will be auto debit whenever the outstanding due date is reached. The amount will be deducted from your account specified in the application form.

SBI Credit Card Online Pay through PAYTM

The SBI Credit Card payment for the outstanding due can be cleared through the PayTM, Here are the steps that you can follow and clear your outstanding amount.

  1. Launch the PayTM App and click on credit card bill payment
  2. Here enter your card number in the payment details
  3. Click on proceed and enter the amount that you wanted to pay
  4. Now select a Payment method which can be any from list
  5. Process the payment and wait for confirm message to appear
  6. That’s it, your card payment for the outstanding amount has been cleared and it will be reflected in your credit card. The amount will be ready to reuse and it will avoid you paying the services charges.

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Here in this page, we will update all other possible ways to pay the State Bank credit card bill payment along with any other offers, if having any queries, please post.

How many does it take to update an SBI Credit Card if used by another bank?

SBI Credit Card payment processed through any non SBI account will at least take 24 hours to 3 days. If you don’t see the amount credited within these days, you can reach out to the bank and get the status of your SBI Credit Card.

Can I pay the minimum amount due in the SBI Credit Card?

Yes, to avoid the penalty charges you can just pay the SBI Credit Card minimum due amount. As well to avoid interest charges on your SBI Credit Card, it is better to clear the outstanding dues.

How much interest will be applied if outstanding due is not cleared?

There is a fixed interest rate on the SBI Credit Card which will be applied to your due if the outstanding is not cleared before the due date, and the interest will be applied on overall due even if you have paid the minimum due.

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