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Are you a new student of NSEIT, then Know how to make NSEIT Payment through online and payment errors for NSEIT Exam Fee with different solutions for further processing…

The Insurance Institute of India is a very well known Institution that has two branches in India. It is considered as one of the finest educational institutes when it comes to learning about Insurance.

If you are a student from NSE IT then you might already know that the payment can also made online now. This NSEIT exam fee guide will help you through the same process to make hassle free online payment.

In this article we will help you understand about the process through which you can make NSEIT exam payment easily from online. You can follow this method to either book your exam slots or else you can also book your batch accordingly if required.

NSEIT Payment

NSEIT Payment

If you have your examination coming up for the Insurance Institute of India (III) or any other with NSEIT, then you can simply follow the simple instructions below to process NSEIT exam fee, and it will help you to make your payment for your examination fees.

  1. Open the NSEIT Exam payment portal official page from this link here http://nseitexams.com/OnlinePayment/paymentRequest.jsp
  2. Then choose Make Payment or Book Seat, then accordingly provide either your Batch ID/ URN or URN
  3. Tap on the search button
  4. Simply select the payment method and finish your NSEIT exam fee in quick time
  5. If the batch has been created today, NSEIT payment can only be made tomorrow error

In case if you belong to a new batch that has created recently then you might face this error as If the batch has created today, payment can only made tomorrow.

So, please make the NSEIT online payment after one day after the batch creation, where you are only allowed to make payments a day after the batch creation. If having any further queries, please contact NSEIT exam payment customer care immediately or check nseit.com.

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NSEIT Payment Not Completed, What to do?

Generally speaking this error Payment not completed will be shown only when you try to process the examination fee payment. Then if there is an issue from the bank server or the payment portal which leads to not completion of payment.

This might not be a huge issue. But most of the time examination fee payment is an important and time critical process. This is why you can try to make the payment sometime again and this should work.

NSEIT Exam Fee Refund Status?

In most of the times, when you try to complete your payment for the III examination using the NSEIT online portal the payment might not be processed. It is the reason why you will not receive the payment confirmation.

In such a case, where the confirmation is not received the payment will be refunded in 3 – 4 business working days. If not received then you can easily contact their customer helpline number to discuss this issue through phone and email. So that they can resolve the refund issue.

NSEIT Exam Payment Helpline Center?

In most of the cases the NSEIT payment request should be processed the same day but if some errors such as payment delayed, refund not processed or payment cannot be processed occur.

You might be confused as to what to do since payment for your examination is important and that is why you can call their helpline center through the below provided contact information.
Helpline Number – 022-42706500
Email Address – iiiexam_reg@nseit.com

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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