Swift Code for International Money Transfer in Bank Account

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Swift code have different formats across every country, so if you are an Indian reading this article then you will learn about what is Swift code for different banks in India and other foreign countries.

Swift Code

Swift code is a simple code that represents your bank branch which is used for transactions made from international to your bank account and branch to ensure the payment is transferred and made to the correct account as well.

Swift codes for bank branches are from 8 characters to 11 characters, so sometimes you might get confused if it’s not the correct character length but it should work. But before you do so please make sure to ensure through either your passbook, bank website or any third party website to check your bank’s branch code.

swift codes
Swift Codes

What is a Swift Code of SBI, HDFC, ICICI and More?

Well now you know what Swift Code actually is but you require it for your financial transactions or else to share your bank account along with Swift code for your bank branch to receive the payment.

Below are 3 quick methods you can use to find your SBI Swift Code, HDFC, ICICI bank’s Swift code.

  • Passbook of your account: Swift code of your bank is available on the front of your passbook most of the times.
  • Bank’s Website: You can visit your bank’s official website and then search for the Swift code online.
  • Third Party Websites Like Bank.Codes: You can visit such sites, select your country, bank, state, city and branch to find your bank’s Swift code.

How do I know my bank SWIFT code?

You can use respective bank website to know the Swift Code of the bank and also third party sites like bank.codes or banks ifsc code.com to find your bank’s Swift code by country, bank, state, city for the bank’s branch.

What is a bank SWIFT code?

A bank SWIFT code is a 8 to 11 digit character which is used to identify the bank’s branch for transactions and payments to be made from International and national.

Is SWIFT code and IFSC same?

No, SWIFT code is for your Bank’s branch to be identified for payments to be made, while IFSC code is used for online transactions like NEFT, IMPS and RTGS.

What is a SWIFT code in India?

SWIFT code in India is a 8 to 11 digit character which is used to identify your bank branch.

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