How to Redeem SBI Credit Card Points

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Know how to redeem SBI credit card point and get the detailed information from this article and also find how to earn it , Convert to cash, Reward benefits, transactions with no SBI rewardz points…

State Bank of India has got a long list of credit cards which may offered to every customer as per their eligibility and type of usage. As well as attracting the users for their credit card services, they bring a reward point’s concept. This is a most preferred service form SBI, where the bank adds reward points in your account for using their credit card for purchase.

SBI Credit Card Rewards

There are different types of transactions which we make regularly and based on that transaction, the user will reward points. These points will get accumulated in your account and used through redemption. So, in this article you will learn more about SBI credit card rewards points that would be helpful for you to redeem.

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How to Redeem SBI Credit Card Points

State bank of India have multiple credit cards which have their different values that will be applied on shopping and add your SBI Credit Card points Redeem. Here is the process which you can follow and get the Reward points for your card.

  1. Go to the official website of SBI Reward page form
  2. Enter Credit Card and select Terms & Conditions
  3. Tap on ‘Shop and Smile’ and then wait for page to load with options
  4. Here click on ‘Points Earned/ Accumulated/ Reminded’ in the program
  5. Here you can view every reward point which can be earned for the following kind of transaction. The points will be specific and will be directly added to your credit card rewards point balance.

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SBI Reward Points Redeem

Customers who have their rewards points accumulated from their SBI Credit Card, can redeem them by using multiple methods. The process will get you to choose a voucher or any kind of option for redemption.

Redeem SBI Credit Card Reward points from Website

Here we bring you the simple process to redeem the SBI Credit Card reward points, by using the official website of the card.

  1. Visit the the official website
  2. Login to the website with your SBI Credit Card details
  3. Click on ‘Rewards’ and then choose ‘Redeem Rewards’
  4. Scroll through rewards catalog and click on item to buy
  5. Check the cart and tap on ‘Redeem Now’ and confirm the same
  6. That’s it, The SBI Credit Card reward points will get redeemed. The respective selected item will be delivered to the communication address provided.

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Redeem SBI Credit Card Rewards Points from App

The Mobile application of SBI Credit Card, does have a quick process to allow you to check the rewards points and redeem them as per our choice.

  1. Login to your SBI Credit Card Mobile Application input device
  2. On home screen, you can view the SBI Rewards points mentioned
  3. Click on them and click on Redeem the rewards points
  4. Go through SBI Rewardz catalog and click on to buy the items
  5. That’s it! Once you confirm, the SBI Credit Card rewards points redeemed and items will deliver to you as per your chosen communication address.

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SBI Credit Card with Reward Benefits

To make your work easier, we bring you a list of SBI Credit Cards which offer you different reward points for shopping and using them through any online transactions.

SBI Prime Card

These cards bring you 20 reward points for every Rs 100 you spend through utility Bills and get 10 reward points for the end of INR 100 on your shopping at grocery, stores and movies. For other retailers, money spending other than fuel will get 2 reward points for every INR 100 spent.

OLA Money SBI Credit Card

Through these cards customers get 7 percent rewards points on your Ola rides and 1 percent reward points on their expenses.

Apollo SBI Credit Card

In collaboration, with Apollo Group and you get 3x reward points on every INR 100 spending at Apollo services and get 500 rewards points worth of INR 500 on joining. Get 1 reward point on INR 100 spending on beauty and wellness services. Also 2X reward points on every spent of INR 100 on dining, movies and entertainments.

SBI Prime Advantage Credit Card

Get 20 rewards points on INR 100 spending on utility bills. Also 10 Reward points on INR 100 spent on departmental services or grocery. Get 2 reward points on INR 100 spending at retail stories except for fuel.

TATA Platinum Credit Card

The SBI Card from TATA brings you 3X reward points at international spending, dining, grocery store. 1 reward point when you spend INR 100 at retail spends.

TATA Star Titanium Credit Card

These cards from SBI Card services bring you 3 reward points for every INR 100 spent on departmental and grocery stores. As well as 1 reward point for every INR 100 spent on other retail spends.

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SBI Credit Card Reward Redemption

The SBI Credit Card rewards points can redeem at the below mentioned service. Customers can use these points for any of the below said categories as per their choice and eligibility.

  • Accessories
  • Apparel and Superstore
  • Books and Periodicals
  • Electronics
  • E-voucher for online Shopping
  • Health and Fitness
  • Homeware
  • Kids Zone and
  • Entertainment and Dining

SBI Credit Card No Reward Point Transaction

Any transaction which made for cash withdrawal, disputed transactions, and money loaded to your e-wallet, balance transfer, fuel purchase or make any kind of payment for personal accounts. The SBI Credit Card reward points will not be generated.

Customers have to use the correct platform to earn reward points on their spends through SBI Credit Card. The transaction made even through online websites will not covered for reward points. As there are particular websites and online centers which will offer reward points on your regular spends.

Do SBI Credit Card Reward points expire?

Yes, the SBI Credit Card reward points which are accumulated every time you do shopping will expire within24 months of their generation. Customers have to redeem them as early as possible, else the points will expire.

How much does SBI Credit Card reward points redemption take place?

The redemption of SBI Credit Card reward points, if through a website or mobile app, will take around 5 days or else for e-Voucher delivery and will take around 15 days for delivery of gifts. Customers can regularly check their status through the online SBI card website.

What happens if I lose my voucher redeemed through SBI Credit Card?

If you have ordered an e-Voucher from SBI Credit Card reward points then the details will be sent to your mail ID and registered mobile number. In case if you lose the voucher from both sides, you can contact customer service to help you with the new voucher.

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