How to Close SBI Credit Card (Total Ways)

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Thinking about how to close SBI Credit Card permanently. Just check important points to know before cancellation, guides to cancel through writing to SBI, visiting nearest branch followed by customer care support…

How to Close SBI Credit Card

State Bank of India provides a lot of different cards for both savings bank users and commercial bank users as well. But in both the cases, if you are moving towards a new set of credit cards then you should always close your SBI credit card permanently. In this article, we will guide you through a lot of different methods that you can use to easily close SBI credit card online.

ServiceState Bank of India Credit Card
Toll free numbers18001801290, 18005001290, 39020202(City wise code)


Important Points to Know Before SBI Credit Card Cancellation

Before you head towards the below methods, you should learn a few things that are mandatory and are important for you to know before you try to cancel your SBI Credit Card.

  • Complete your payment dues: It is necessary that there are no dues on your credit card, only then you can cancel it.
  • Use your reward points: SBI credit card gives rewards points to all its users which you might forget about. It is very easy to either use them for purchasing things online or through SBI portal.
Close SBI Credit Card

Step by Step Guide on How to Close SBI Credit Card Online – Permanently

Follow the below methods in order to understand the quick process involved in closing your SBI credit card online.

But before you close your account, you will have to first have your SBI online banking details, credit card that you want to cancel. Along with your registered phone number in order to proceed further.

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Cancel SBI Credit Card via writing to SBI

You can either write an email to the State Bank of India through their email support address. Or else even send them a direct mail to their head office with your request in a letter to cancel the SBI Credit Card.

It is always suggested that you should email the SBI email support address. As it would be a much easier and quicker process.

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Close SBI Credit Card via visiting nearest branch

If you find the other methods a little difficult. Then this would the easiest way to cancel your credit card as you can simply visit your nearest SBI branch.

  • Then request the customer desk support to provide you with SBI credit card cancellation request form
  • Fill the form and submit it to the helpdesk. On your turn provide them with the required details to cancel the credit card by confirming all details asked.

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Close SBI credit card via customer care support

As you already know SBI has 24/7 customer care. But they have a specific customer care support helpline for credit card service as well.

  • You can use any of the numbers i.e, 18601801290/ 18605001290 In order to call SBI customer care and ask them to cancel your credit card.
  • In order to complete your request you will have to provide them with identification and further details as requested.


How to deactivate SBI credit card quickly?

The easiest way to deactivate the SBI credit card quickly is to visit the nearest SBI branch. As the cancellation request would be completed before you.

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Can i redeem my SBI credit card rewards even after closure of card?

The customer may redeem SBI credit card reward point before the closure of card only, so just check all before submitting the application. After the closure of card, all the facilities and rewards if any also may lapsed / closed.

How to close an SBI credit card by SMS?

No, State Bank of India does not credit card cancellation through SMS banking.

How can I close my SBI credit card permanently?

In order to cancel your SBI credit card permanently you have to either use the following methods. Such as calling their customer care, emailing the customer care support or to visit the nearest SBI branch.

How to submit an SBI credit card cancellation request online?

You can email the SBI credit card cancellation request online because you cannot use their official website.

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