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Get benefits of IceGate ePayment. Here check the complete guide for login, pay challans, epayment transaction summary and also about incomplete transactions…

IceGate ePayment allows you to clear your multiple cells in one step through single transactions. Customers can make payment to their custom duty if they have got a net banking facility. IceGate is elaborated as Indian Customs EDI Gateway which is an e-commerce portal for the Indian customs. The payment to import goods or any such similar services will be made through the IceGate ePayment in one go.

It is important to make payment for the Goods that you import to want to export to any other countries to meet the regulation of Indian custom rules. The duty fee will be based on your goods type and price they were sold in the market. Only upon paying the custom challan issues on Goods, the ones goods will be released from the shipment.

NameIceGate E-payment
Toll free number180030101000
Icegate ePayment
Icegate ePayment

IceGate ePayment

Don’t know how to login to IceGate e-Payment page, then follow these tapes and get to the steps to login with your details in IceGate.

  1. Visit the official website of IceGate e-Payment or go through this link
  2. Provide your IEC code and choose a document type
  3. Choose your location code and then tap on submit button
  4. On successfully login, you can view the details of your IceGate ePayment challan page with all your respective pending calls if any.

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How to Pay Challan through IceGate ePayment

To make payment of your Challan in IceGate ePayment, you must first get your access to the online page and login with your unique IEC number. Here are steps to make payment through IceGate e-Payment online.

  1. Visit the IceGate ePayment online page from your browser
  2. Providing your credentials, wait for home page to load
  3. View the challans in list and tap on checkbox
  4. Click on Pay button and move to payment page to proceed
  5. Select the bank from list of Banks that is provided in page
  6. choose payment mode and make your transaction complete
  7. That’s it, Once your payment is processed, the challan in IceGate ePayment online will be gone and you will see no entries as all your dues are cleared.

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How to check Status of IceGate ePayment Transaction

Customers who made recent transactions from the IceGate e-Payment online, can view the recent transaction from the same online page.

  1. Go to the IceGate e-Payment online with your unique IEC code
  2. Click on Transaction summary under payments
  3. View your transaction by date or view today’s transaction on screen
  4. Tap on any transaction to view it fully
  5. Click on Print Receipt to get status of our e-Payment

In this manner, one can view the status of their recent IceGate e-Payment online transactions made. the updated status will be shown on screen and based on that status one can view the payment progress.

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Incomplete Transaction on ICEGate

Most of the time, all the challan payments that you try to make would be in large sum which might become a reason for incomplete transaction as banks would take time or maybe due to insufficient balance in your bank account during that time. But you can go back to your previous incomplete transaction on ICEGATE and pay them from below steps.

  1. Open ICEGATE official website and enter your details and click on submit button to enter homepage
  2. Click on Incomplete Transactions then select all and tap on confirm and pay button
  3. Complete the payment of your incomplete transaction and once done you will redirected back to their website and receive the message that the payment was successfully.

How to get a Transaction Summary

Before you make payment for any challan you might want to know if you have already paid or made any transaction on your account. You can follow the steps below to get a transaction summary of your account.

  1. Open your ICEGATE homepage after entering your details
  2. Click on Transaction summary option and then select the Location Code along with Start Date & End Date
  3. Tap on Get Report button to get your account transaction summary.

How is Import Duty Calculated?

Import duty is a tax that is calculated by the assessment of goods which do land on Indian border. The challan can vary from 0 percent to 100 percent based on the product type and their actual demand in the market. the major percentage will depend on the country that the product is being delivered and respective value will be applied as import duty.

Why is it important to make IceGate e-Payment Online?

If your receiving multiple goods on Indian border then it is mandatory to make payment for every goods as per the customs rule. Thus one should use their IEC code and get the challans paid to release their product form customs, else Goods movement will not be possible.

Can I change the value in IceGate ePayment Challan?

No, once an amount has been entered in the IceGate ePayment Challan that must be paid to receive Goods. This is a compulsory amount which needs to be paid as per the customs regulations of India and must be paid on time.

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