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Detailed information on ICEGATE shipping bill, it’s color coding and you may know process of generation IceGate Shipping bill, How to view it and services form ICEGATE portal…

Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/ Electronic Data interchange gateway is a portal for taxpayers. This portal has been brought up to ease the work of taxpayers and even to track the Goods after having successful payment of their Challans. There are thousands of customers who have created their account in ICEGATE and are using this portal for paying bills, Cleaning Challans, Tracking Shipment and more details.

ICEGATE facilitates electronic filing of Bill of entry and Shipping Bills which are a key for any Good to clear at the customs office. ICEGATE is an official website and having paying your Bills for Shipment will directly update the records and bring you Goods for clearances.

What is ICEGATE Shipping Bill

An exporter who is sending Goods from one country to another must go through different formalities. There are formats to submit various applications, paying duties, accruing license for Goods and so on. Mandatory options as clearance for export, customs clearance along with applying called Shipping Bill.

  • Any goods from an exporter will not be loaded until they have got their shipping Bill ready and submitted. There is a description of Goods that make them valid during the movement and easily recognisable about their type. The documents that need to be attached with Goods while movement will differ based on their type.
  • At Seaport or airport, the land custom station will be having Bill of Export as Shipping Bill
  • At Airport or Seaport, the goods transhipment will have Bill of Transhipment as their shipping bill.
ICEGATE Shipping Bill
ICEGATE Shipping Bill

Colour coding of ICEGATE Shipping Bill

There are different Shipping Bills for Goods that will be described on them during their shipment. The colour coding of the ICEGATE Shipping Bill is considered the same all over the world, which makes the customs easily identify the type of Good being imported or exported under the shipment.

  • If Dutiable Goods then the Shipping Bill Colour is Yellow
  • whether Duty Free Goods, then the shipping Bill Colour is White
  • If Goods with Drawback Claim will have Green as their Shipping Bill
  • If Goods Allowed exported as duty free ex box will have pink Shipping Bill Colour
  • Goods exported under DEPB Scheme will have the shipping Bill colour as Blue

Process of ICEGATE Shipping Bill

As you’re an taxpayer for your Goods, then it is must to know what the process is of generating the ICEGATE Shipping Bill. The Bill of Shipping must created for your Goods, once the shit or vessel which they are to moved has granted a free hand to move from one country to another.

The customs authority will physically examine the Goods and verify the ICEGATE Shipping Bill details by cross verifying the Value of Goods determined. Once the Goods are verified, the Customs official will attach an ‘ Let export Order’ and ‘Let Ship Order’ as a verification.

How to View ICEGATE Shipping Bill

Get your shipping bill details form ICEGATE official website within quick steps. Make use of these steps and get your ICEGATE shipping Bill details on your screen.

  1. Visit the official website of ICEGATE by using link
  2. Click on Home button and select Tracking at ICES from drop down
  3. Tab on Shipping Bill and select your location from drop down
  4. Enter your ICEGATE shipping Bill number along with its date
  5. Fill captcha code and tap on submit button to proceed further

That’s it! your ICEGATE shipping bill track will display on your screen. You can get to know where exactly your goods placed in shipment. These will give you details of location along with the nearest time schedule of arrival of shipment.

Process of Generation of ICEGATE Shipping Bill

  1. There are many steps that one Goods shipment must enter to get their shopping Bill generated. At the very first stage the exporter must register their Goods with IEC code number or customs House Agent with the customs. Details as Authorised Dealer Code Number, Customs House Agents License Number must released.
  2. The packing list and invoice of Goods must attached with the declaration in specific format signed by exporters and based on that an checklist will handed to the exporter to verify the documents. Exporter must consider all these checklist points to process the shipping Bill documents.
  3. The Assistant commissioner will check the value of Goods.
  4. Based on the same the status of their Bill updated at the service centre. If any queries raised, they must cleared as early as possible to make their goods all valid for movement.
  5. At the end, during the shipment the exporter must provide all original documents along with a checklist to the proper officer for their verification. Once all verified at dock, the Goods given a mark as Let Export Order. It verify that their Goods are free to move.
  6. This Let Export Order generation will bring you the Shipping Bill to generate. It can kept for your reference and to track the ICEGATE shipping bill status of your shipment.

Services form ICEGATE Portal

Besides providing details about the bill of entry and shipping Details, taxpayers can also get other details from the ICEGATE portal services.

  • Option to register with IPR online for customers
  • Track the status of IE code form online
  • Track your Goods document ICEGATE shipping bill status at Customs EDI
  • Pay your custom duty ICEGATE ePayment from online
  • Track your GST refund if applied form portal
  • Get your DES/ DEPB/ EPCG licence track online
  • Track your respective details using your PAN number
  • Get direct links for custom business with verified websites
  • ICEGATE provide round the clock services

Why should one register with ICEGATE portal?

The ICEGATE portal was brought into picture to help the taxpayer and regular export or importer for their easy bill paying. The shipment track, online e-payment and more facilities are being provided to them through ICEGATE which always makes the process easy. There are very less manual InterVision and as well error during the shipment, which ensure timely delivery along with very minute mistakes.

How soon should an ICEGATE Shipping Bill be Registered?

The entire process of shipping Bill will hardly take a day or two and it is always advised to make it quicker if you’re having a large consignment for movement. Once your goods are ready to move, the ICEGATE Shipping Bill registration must be processed and after the paperwork is complete they should be moved to dock for proper officer verification.

How many users use ICEGATE Portal?

As per today’s records there are around 50 thousand users who are using the ICEGATE portal for their trading. The exporter and importer feel ICEGATE has an easy process to file a Bill, Shipping Bill and view their clearance with the customs official.

What is Bill of Lading in Shipment?

A Bill of Lading will be issued by Shipper along with the details of items based on which the Goods are being accepted to travel on ship. This is an important document, as along with your Shipping Bill the verification and agreement of the Shipper is also considered. Bill of Lading must be presented in case of any mismatch of document or any malfunction with Goods.

How many Types does the Bill of Entry process have?

As per the regulation of India, there are three types of Bill of entry which will be considered based on the Goods. The Bill of entry for Home consumption, Bill of entry for warehousing and Bill of entry for Ex-Bond. As per the Goods type and their consideration, Bill will be attached with them.

Is Bill of entry different from Shipping Bill?

Yes, in very simple words the Shipping Bill is a whole process of registration of Goods by the export from their country. whereas the Bill of Entry is a legal document which is filled by an importer or the customs house agent. This Bill of Entry will help the consignment to pass from Import customs clearance, so that the importer can receive their Goods waiting at import clearance.

Will I be informed about custom duty on my Goods form ICEGATE?

The custom duty will only be confirmed by the Customs office by physically examining the Goods that are packed. Export or import can use their invoice bill along with Custom duty calculator to get an approximate value of custom charges that are going to be applied on their goods. Check the tariff panel from the CET website and check which tariff best suits your situation. This will allow you to calculate or know how much custom duty will be charged.

Can I Deny paying Custom Duty Charges?

It is mandatory to pay the custom duty applied on goods at the customs office. In case your Goods are duty free and are under certain schemes, then you can ask customs officials to verify your Shipping Bill to remove customs duty, else it is necessary to pay the charges to pass from importer.

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