KSEB Online Payment at Quick Pay Portal or Mobile App

Now make your KSEB online payment at quick pay portal using UPI or net banking or credit/debit card gateways, Check how to pay through KSEB mobile app and with Amazon pay or PayTM…

Kerala State Electricity Board was formed by Kerala State Government under the Electricity act 1948, and they are determined to generate, transmit and distribute the electricity in the regions of Kerala State.

As a customer, you can use the KSEB online payment of the electricity department to update your pending dues for the electricity used.

The bill will be generated every month based on the reading grabbed from the electric meter that is fixed in your place that can be commercial or domestic.

It is to be remembered that the price tag for the commercial and domestic is different even if the units shown are similar, as well, the payment to the Kerala State Electricity board needs to be paid on time to have a smooth service.

The KSEB Online Payment can be processed through various means of online payments tools and here 25penny.com will deserve you about few through which you can instantly get your dues cleared for KSEB.

Quick Pay is a facility that is provided by KSEB for the consumer to pay their Bills and have quick look at their usage as per their consumption, and follow these steps and get the bill paid to have the smooth service of KSEB.

KSEB Online Payment

  1. Visit the official website of KSEB using the link wss.kseb.in
  2. Here you can click on the Quick pay option and then wait to load https://wss.kseb.in/selfservices/quickpay
  3. Now use your consumer number which is printed on your electricity bill or use a mobile number linked with your account of KSEB
  4. Enter the code shown in the box
  5. Click on submit to see the bill
  6. Confirm your name, address along with the amount shown to be paid
  7. Click on the Pay button and it will redirect you to the payment page
  8. Select any mean of payment form list and confirm the same
  9. That’s it, KSEB Online Payment for your due electricity bill has been cleared and you will have a smooth service without any disconnection until the next due date.

KSEB Online Payment Registration

To have an easy service form Quick Pay for your KSEB Online Payment, you can use the option of registration and become an official login to view your account regularly.

  1. Go to the official website from your browser wss.kseb.in/selfservices/
  2. Click on New User Registration under User Login
  3. Fill your details under Register New User (Consumer details, Login details, and User details
  4. As well choose a good password with providing your communication traits
  5. Click on the Register button and get yourself registered with the KSEB Quick Pay
  6. Now you can pay your bills instantly and KSEB will remind you of the due date
  7. These will ensure that you don’t miss any KSEB Online Payment dues and will always try to communicate with you for having the dues cleared on time as well to avoid the penalty.

Kerala State Electricity Board does have their specific Mobile Application for Consumer complaints and Bill payments, do follow these steps to clear your dues with KSEB Mobile App.

KSEB Online Payment through Mobile App

  1. Get the KSEB Application downloaded from Play Store or App Store
  2. Launch the install App and use the option as Quick Pay to pay bills or else you can either get registered with Quick Pay for easy Bill Pay
  3. Enter your Consumer number followed with security code shown on the screen
  4. Confirm your details along with the amount shown as due for the month
  5. Click on the Pay button and use the payment method to proceed
  6. Use Internet Banking/ Debit Card or Credit Card for the payment
  7. That’s it, once payment is processed and confirmed, your KSEB bill due will be cleared and you will be able to use the service without any disconnection.

How to Pay KSEB Online Payment through Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay does give the direct link to clear your KSEB Bill and it also makes you comfortable to use one Application for multiple purposes.

  • Launch your Amazon Application and then go to the Amazon Pay page
  • Now click on electric from Billing section from the left side of the screen
  • Select KSEB from the drop-down list and then fill in your consumer number
  • Next, the amount will be auto-populated , confirm the same as per your bill
  • Click on Pay Button and use any comfortable payment process
  • That’s it, once the KSEB Online Payment has been confirmed, you will receive a message to your registered mobile number and the payment done will be processed to KSEB instantly.

How to Pay KSEB Online Payment through PayTM

PayTM is one of the most used applications and KSEB has provided its electricity Bill payment link in the billing section under the electricity.

  • Launch the PayTM App and login with your mobile number to be used
  • Under the Services options click on the electricity option from the menu
  • Now select KSEB from the drop-down list and wait for a second
  • Next, enter your consumer number and click on it to fetch details
  • The amount due will be shown on screen with your details
  • Confirm the same and click on proceed to pay for payment processing
  • Use the payment method as UPI, Internet Banking, or any from list
  • That’s it! The payment for the KSEB Bill has been processed through Paytm for your respective number. Paytm does remember your bill due date and will remind you whenever your next due has been generated.

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