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Majority of West Bengal using electricity services of WBSEDCL, Just check services and guide for WBSEDCL registration and login to get quick access…


West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, shortly referred as WBSEDCL, which is an official portal for the alert department of west Bengal state. The consumer who has an electric meter from WBSEDCL, can use the online portal to avail the difference as provided. The consumer has different options to check their connection and as well make the WBSEDCL bill payment online.

Moreover timely paying the bill will reduce the extra charges on next month Bill and will continue your connection without any break. So there are multiple options which are provided by WBSEDCL for the Bill payment, consumers can choose any of them as per their convenience.

WBSEDCLWest Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited
24/7 Helpline 19121
Web Portal wbsedcl.in

WBSEDCL Online Portal Services

The WBSEDCL does bring a list of services to the consumer, hence this does help them to easily process their request form the electricity department in west Bengal state.

  • Get link to book New Connection in Bulk or for Industrial purpose
  • Receive link to Book new connection user LT others section
  • Get Application to book temporary connection during Puja or others
  • Check application status
  • WBSEDCL Missed Call Services
  • Get The connection status with your provided consumer ID
  • Raise request for Load Enhancement online
  • Quick Pay link to directly pay your electric Bills
  • List of downloadable application forms
  • List of formalities or prerequisites required for connection
  • Compliant and Grievance Corner to report issues
  • Provide Energy awareness and tips to conserve energy link

WBSEDCL Registration

Consumers of west Bengal state can get themselves registered with the online WBSEDCL portal, which does bring various bill payment options at their fingertips.

  1. Open official site of WBSEDCL

    Visit the official website of WBSEDCL from your browser page using wbsedcl.in

  2. Click on Consumer Login and then Consumer Registration

    Tap on Consumer Registration and wait for User page to load

  3. Verify and Enter your Consumer ID

    Enter your Consumer ID, which is provided on electric Bill

  4. Tap on Continue

    Click on continue button and then follow the steps to get registered

  5. Create a new password and click on submit

    Set an password and then tap on submit to confirm registration

That’s it, The consumer ID, now registered online and the consumer can use the same along with the generated password to access the online portal.

How to Login into WBSEDCL

If you’re a consumer form the WBSEDCL who is utilizing the electricity, then you can use the following process to access the online page with their specific details.

  1. Go to the official website of WBSEDCL using the portal link
  2. Click on consumer login and wait for login page to load
  3. Enter the Username and password to access the consumer page
  4. That’s it, The credentials verified, and then consumers will given access to the page which will have the various options of bill payment towards WBSEDCL.

WBSEDCL Provided Services

There are numerous services which are provided by the Electric department to her consumers and provides services list is detailed below.

SMS & Missed Call Services: It provides these SMS services to allow the consumer to get their monthly bill sent to their registered mobile number and as well consumers can get their bill details when required with a simple missed call.

Planned Outage: This timely updated the portal with the outrage which caused due to heavy rainfall or during any construction work or when cutting trees. Moreover the consumer can check the list of outages and get notified about the power cut.

HT Feeder Outage Report: The report does bring a list of outages which used at the HT. This is to maintain transparency between the consumer and the electric department.

Rooftop Solar Service: Any consumer, if interested to get the solar series, can enroll through WBSEDCL and get the subscription on their meter. The applicable benefits along with the discount will be provided to consumers.

Tariff Notification: This may updated list of tariff rates in their portal. It is for the consumer to check what the rate per unit is during their conservation. The segregation with respect to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors has been provided in detail.

Energy Conservation: This has a separate page to display the energy awareness and tips to conserve energy. It will help the consumer know how to consume electricity and save energy.

Complaint & Grievance: The Grievance system is now online for WBSEDCL, where consumers can access the link and register the complaint. So any problem with respect to electric usage can reported here which will address as quickly as possible.

Recharge Prepaid Voucher: Brings prepaid service to the consumer. Where they can pay for the electric usage in advance. Also get enough benefits on their bill amount which generated at the end of month.

Area Wise Customer Care Centers: User may find the contact phone numbers readily in this page, please check and call instantly.

  1. Documents required for new connection in WBSEDCL?

    If you want to get a new electric connection then the consumer has to get the identity proof and land ownership documents with a New Connection Application form. Upon identifying these documents the new connection request will be processed.

  2. Who decides the category of connection in WBSEDCL?

    The categories of WBSEDCL are commercial, industrial and LT, which will be classified by the line man based on the area and type of usage by the consumer.

  3. Does WBSEDCL charge for new electric connections?

    The consumer has to submit a DD of specific amount for the type of connection they are taking from WBSEDCL. The payment process will be to issue consumers a new meter and tap the connection from main electric lines.

  4. What is eligibility to change owner name in electricity meter?

    Candidate should be owner of that property for which EB name transfer is required.

  5. How many days taken for the process to change owner name?

    It would take maximum of one week to be changed.

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