HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation in 3 Modes

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HDFC credit card PIN generation now available in 3 modes through net banking, ATM and with SMS, Just check the guide to generate the PIN instantly…

Have you got your new HDFC credit card, then you might be required to get your four digit PIN to access the card. Every credit card which is offered by HDFC bank or any other bank, does require a secured code of four digits which must be entered. In recent times, the bank used to send the PIN along with the credit card in a wrapped note.

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These have reduced to ensure safety and as well bring less usage of paper. Thus, any customer who has got the HDFC Credit Card has to get the PIN generated through various methods provided. Similar process can also used if you have lost or forgotten the Card PIN.

NameHDFC Bank
Credit Card helpline number18002026161, 18602676161
PIN Generation modesNet Banking, SMS, ATM Machine
Balance check number1800-270-3333
HDFC Credit Card
HDFC Credit Card

HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation

The process of HDFC Credit Card PIN generate is quite simple if you have got your registered mobile along with you. As the mobile number is very much important for OTP verification during PIN generation.

HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation at Net Banking

If you’re a customer of HDFC Bank, then you can use your Net banking option or HDFC provided mobile application to generate the HDFC Credit Card PIN. Make sure you follow these steps and set a secured PIN for your card.

  1. Visit Official site on your browser and Login to HDFC Net Banking page with your credentials
  2. Tap on the Cards option and then choose ‘Credit Card’
  3. Tap on ‘Request’ and then tap on ‘Instant PIN Generation’ Option
  4. Select your card from the drop down and click on ‘Continue’ option
  5. Set 4 digit PIN and enter it twice, then click on ‘Continue’
  6. Enter OTP sent to your registered mobile number here
  7. Click on ‘submit’ button after entering he OTP received and Successful pop-up will display on your screen for the same

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HDFC ATM PIN Generation

Here we bring you a method to generate the HDFC Credit Card PIN, by visiting the nearest HDFC ATM. The process will be quite quick and easier, and you can choose your preferred four digit code as an ATM PIN.

  1. Locate and visit the nearest HDFC ATM along with your HDFC Credit Card
  2. Insert the HDFC Credit Card and then click on luggage preference
  3. Select ‘Create New ATM PIN using OTP” option from screen
  4. Enter The OTP received to your mobile number and click on Confirm
  5. One verified, you will ask to set the four digit PIN for card
  6. Confirm PIN twice and click on Submit button to save the details
  7. The 4 digit PIN will link to your HDFC Credit Card for use.

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HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation through SMS

HDFC bank does provide various options for their customers to utilize different services at the bank. The HDFC Credit Card PIN can also changed using the SMS option. A simple SMS to 5676712 with the SMS as ‘CCPIN XXXX’ will get your changed HDFC Credit Card PIN. Here XXXX your four digit PIN which will set as a secure PIN for future card usage.

How to activate HDFC Credit Card?

The HDFC Credit Card activation done once the customer has generated their PIN through any of the processes. Once a new PIN has used for the first time for an HDFC Credit Card, the card activated.

Why is my HDFC Credit Card not showing in Online?

If you try to generate the PIN for HDFC Credit Card through Net banking, then it must link with your account. If you don’t have an HDFC Credit Card linked with your account then the card will not show and you allowed to change your PIN.

How can non HDFC Bank account holders change HDFC Credit Card PIN?

The HDFC Credit Card PIN generation for the Non-HDFC Bank account holder can done through ATMs or by using a specific Credit Card Net banking page available from the bank. The customer has to use any of these methods and change their PIN.

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