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Learn the ways to check HDFC Credit card status, Know the requirements to check status. Complete guide for How to check through Net Banking, Bank Representatives, via SMS Services, also by visiting nearest branch…

HDFC brings multiple credit card options for customers based on their requirement and eligibility. Individuals do apply and get their credit cards from HDFC or any banks to maintain their expenses for the months. HDFC credit card brings exclusive offers for customers by giving them enough time for repayment and as well providing their regular rewards points which can be used for online shopping.

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To meet the expenses it is quite normal to have the HDFC Credit Card, which allows customers to get what they want at that instant without lending money. If you haven’t applied for an HDFC Credit Card then apply for one and get your eligible income on the card and if you’ve applied for one you can follow this article to learn how to check HDFC card status.

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HDFC Credit Card Status
HDFC Credit Card Status

Requirment to check HDFC Credit Card application status

There are various options which can be used to check the HDFC credit card status, if you have got it applied. Make sure you have the below details before we proceed with checking the credit card status, as they are required in combination to check the status.

  • HDFC Credit Card Application Number
  • Credit Card Reference Number
  • PAN card Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth

How to check HDFC Credit Card Status through Net Banking

If you’re an HDFC account holder, then you will obviously have the Net banking credentials which can be used to check the HDFC Credit Card status online.

  1. Open official website of HDFC Net banking or go through this link in your browser
  2. Login to the HDFC Online Net banking with your customer ID
  3. Click on track my Credit card Application from Services
  4. Provide the details of Application number and Reference Number
  5. Click on search button to fetch details
  6. The details of your card with the exact update of status will be displayed.

HDFC Credit Card Status through Bank Representatives

In case, you don’t feel comfortable checking the credit card status online. Then you can opt for the offline option to get the information of your HDFC Credit Card. It is mandatory to provide only required information and nothing else on call.

  1. Make a call to the HDFC Credit Card service form your number
  2. Provide your details, once the call connected to a representative
  3. Enter reference number and verify your identity by giving information
  4. Once confirmed, the representative will update the card status.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Status via SMS Service

The application status can also checked by using the SMS service which only used if your mobile number registered with the HDFC bank.

  1. Regular updates to mobile number sent with status of your Application
  2. Customer can send SMS codes to HDFC number with query
  3. Response will send from HDFC instantly with exact status of application
  4. Have to monitor the messages from HDFC to know the status

HDFC Credit Card Applciation Status by Visiting Branch

The best way to get the HDFC Credit Card is by visiting the Bank branch nearest to your area. These will provide you with enough information to know the exact status of the card.

  1. Locate and visit the nearest HDFC bank branch in your area
  2. Provide your HDFC Credit Card reference number
  3. Enter details for our identity and then wait for them to fetch
  4. The details of card status updated orally by executive

Why is my HDFC Credit Card Status dis-approved?

There are many criteria which HDFC bank looks at while providing an HDFC Credit Card to their new or existing customers. The financial transaction and the CIBIL score is now the priority which is looked at by the bank. The reason for rejection will be clearly updated in HDFC Credit Card Status.

Can I Apply for a second HDFC Credit Card and check its status?

Yes, customers will have all access to apply for multiple HDFC Credit Cards from the bank. The required eligibility must be attained by the customer to get the credit card form the bank, which will be thoroughly checked while processing. Once you’ve applied for a second one you can follow the same process to check the HDFC credit card status.

How many days does HDFC Credit Card processing take?

After applying for an HDFC Credit Card through online or offline mode. The exact process of authentication does start once your financial ability is verified. It will hardly take 15 working days in total to update you about approval or rejection from the Bank.

Can I apply for a HDFC Credit Card with no Account in HDFC?

Yes, the HDFC Credit Card application is also available for the customer who doesn’t have their account in HDFC bank. The proper verification and eligibility will be checked by the HDFC representative, and the respective HDFC credit card will be provided even without the account.

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