Rojgar Panjiyan for Employment Registration Online

Rojgar Panjiyan helping lot of unemployed to get job opportunities quickly by collaborating with state governments. Know detail information and complete registration process, with required documents and benefits under the scheme… India is a large country in terms of population and as well as growth in different streams. Despite having large companies and many more

Jeevan Pramaan, Submit Online Life Certificate for Pensioners

Submission of Life Certficate Online with Jeevan Pramaan made easy, Find enrollment process, Documents required and know How to generate Jeevan Pramaan certificate and download along with what is pension disbursing agency process… Pensioners can now get themselves relaxed with the Jeevan Pramaan certificate being generated for their enrolment online. The initiation of Government of

Starbucks Pay Stub for Employees to Check Pay

Starbucks has got multiple stores across the world that are being paid as per their role and designation, and the Starbucks pay stub for employees does differ a lot, as the location and time of the Starbucks make an impact. Every employee is assigned with a minimum Gross Pay with some additional benefits and then

Cabin and Check In Luggage in Flight – Do’s / Dont’s on Package

Want to carry poppy seeds, liquids, and others on flight travel, then find Do’s or Dont’s for the package of Cabin and Check In luggage to avoid mistakes… If you’re using Flight for the very first time, then getting known about the Luggage and rules around in flight is a must, and Airport does have

How to Access International Lounge in Airport for Employee

Are you an employee who is worried about going to foreign and is buzzed through the airport international lounge access part, then you can read this article where we will be discussing how any employee can make use of their air lounge pass to access the international lounge? After that secondly, we will provide you

Food Options on Booking Flight Travel for Overseas Employee

Airlines always make a way to impress the traveler by providing them with the best deals in Food options for entire flight travel. Inflight meals are at their league and are must be considered as the best meals that you get over the air. The days of complementary have gone, and flyers might rarely get