Superannuation – What it is and How to Calculate Fund

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Superannuation Meaning

A salary of funds provided by the employer to employee after retirement which named as Pension. The main AIM of the Superannuation in India, Australia and USA is to have a better life for an employee after their retirement. The funds accumulated under the scheme may fully considered as an employee saving during their entire service period and these amounts will be free from tax.

There are various regulations under which these large amounts may fully given to employees after their service period and no amount paid or deducted in taxation. Every country has their own regulation with respect to Superannuation, as fully monitored by its Government. The amount accumulated may calculate yearly as per the Government provided interest rate and the sum of total accumulation who will deposit in the account.

Superannuation Meaning in Hindi

It is Seva Nivaran in Hindi which also called as some monthly amount made to an individual who retires from his work. Superannuation also referred to as the act of discharging some because of age which is the age factor considers during the employment period.

Public sector superannuation scheme

under these schemes the employer does contribute to a retirement benefit on behalf of employees in their group through the superannuation policy opted by him. In most the retirement fund managed by themselves or through a trust which does benefit fund with any of the approved insurance companies.


Employer Section

The superannuation insurance policy bought by the company by registering their employees like LIC new Group superannuation cash accumulation plan or ICICI Endowment retirement plan. Employers contribute 15 percent of employee basic in the retirement which collected at one place. The superannuation contribution is a part of the Cost to Company even paid by the employer.

Employee Section

The retirement does accept a portion of the amount from the employee for contribution to the plan. The share of amount may withdrawn before the age of retirement to a percent of one-third in event of emergency. In case the employee changes their job, their superannuation account number is same. This must transfer to the new employer to continue the benefits.

Superannuation Fund

The fund is a retirement fund which is provided to an employee by their employer. The contribution of employer and employee collected in one account throughout their service period. The funds accumulate in the entire service period eventually multiplied with the interest rate applied by the Government of India. These amounts will be only available to withdraw after retirement and in case of any emergency during employment.

What is Superannuation in India

In India the superannuation is through the Government of India which looks after the scheme and the policy conditions. The individual who has enrolled in scheme will have their one account number which always linked through the superannuation policy. The employee will have their taxation relief on the superannuation amount as it cover under income tax benefits.

Approved Superannuation Fund

A superannuation fund said to approve if it has approved by commissioner of Income tax. The fourth schedule of the income tax Act will have the rules of these policies in its part B. Based on some conditions of retirement fund, Its approved by the income tax commissioner. This may verified from the employer. As the tax exemption is only for the funds that approved by the commissioner.

What is Superannuation in Australia

in Australia the superannuation fund is one way they save for their retirement. The employee pays about 10 percent of the basic salary into the super fund through the retirement guarantee. The money deposited in accounts invested and may written back at the time of their retirement date.

As per the rules in Australia, the amount is compulsory for everyone who has worked in Australia or has resided. This fund collection is for future savings and employer has to consider getting their employees and getting their account creates for Superannuation fund.

The basic salary of an employee gets during their working hours without calculating the overtime. This may considered while employer consideration for the retirement fund invested.

How to Calculate Superannuation

There are certain points which considered while looking for the superannuation calculation. Make sure you get points noted while trying to calculate superannuation fund. The calculation very simple and easy, also remembered that higher the years served in company the higher will be the retirement amount.

  • Less than 1 year of service, superannuation will be NIL
  • One to 2 years of service, 50 percent contribution plus interest received from the fund
  • Two to 3 years of service, 75 percent of contribution plus interest received from the fund
  • 3 years and move, 100 percent contribution plus interest received from the fund

The above points clearly state that retirement received once an employee has completed 3 years of services in the company. Below 3 years, the retirement is very less and not fully calculated with better returns.

Superannuation Tax Benefits

It is quite clear that there is large sum of money which may collected as the retirement once the employee has attained their retirement age. Thus these amounts are safe from taxation by having considered the below benefits.

  • Employee contribution for approved retirement is eligible under deduction u/s 80c
  • Tax exempted in case of employee death or injury
  • Pension from retirement may treated as salary
  • If the amount withdrawn during service period, this will charged as per tax
  • Interest accumulated from retirement is tax free

What happens to Superannuation if an employee resigns?

If an employee resigns from the company, then the Superannuation fund moved to the next company, when new company accepts the approved Superannuation fund. If the new company doesn’t provide Superannuation facilities then the amount may withdrawn.

What are types of Superannuation schemes?

The Superannuation scheme is broadly classified as a defined contribution scheme or defined benefit scheme. The only difference between these two schemes is how the employee or employer does take the risk of under investment of funds by their risk.

Can I withdraw my Superannuation fund?

The Superannuation fund may withdrawn if the employee changes their job and the new employer doesn’t have the Superannuation scheme. As well if the death of an employee the nominee or family member eligible to get Superannuation fund.

Is there any unique number for a Superannuation account?

The company does take a group scheme for the Superannuation account for their employees. There may a policy number allocates to each employee. Employees can get policy number by looking at the CTC breakup or contacting the company’s payroll department.

Can I withdraw my full Superannuation fund?

The Superannuation fund full amount will only available once the employee reaches their retirement period. During employment the Superannuation fund may withdrawn to a third percentage based on the approval. These withdrawals will only subject to the approval and eligibility of an employee. It is including their years of service served in the company.

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