Flight Itinerary Pre Booking for Employee before Visa to Work on Overseas

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Let’s find the simple process for Flight Itinerary Pre booking before Visa for an employee who wishes to get ready to work on the Overseas branch on approval…

Flight Itinerary is a clear route of your flight that does include information such as flight name, Arrival timing, Departure timing, Flight Code, Departure Airport, Arrival Airport and the reservation done with the PNR number.

There are lists of documents that will be asked by the embassy for getting your Visa from a consistent department, and as to proceed with Visa, these details are a must to make the embassy clear that the applicant is already to travel, and their details of travel are being prepared.

Working in Overseas is a dream for every employee, which comes true by lots of follow-ups and approvals, and the below are some important documents that will be asked for Visa approval as Flight Itinerary documents, and thus the list one must be attached with the application form, as to proceed for Visa approvals.

Flight Itinerary Pre Booking for Overseas Employee Before VISA

Documents Required for Flight Itinerary

  • Booked Flight Itinerary
  • Flight Itinerary for Visa Application
  • Flight Reservation
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Dummy Ticket for Visa
  • Flight Confirmation
  • Proof of Onward Travel
  • Round Trip Reservation

What is a Flight Ticket

An air ticket or flight ticket is a document that is issued by airlines, that confirms your departure and arrival to a certain place which has a fixed seat in the flight, and this slip of paper is a confirmation of your travel from one place to another, which includes below details as said.

  • Travelers Name
  • Fight Name
  • Booking ID
  • Flight Reservation Number
  • Departure and Arrival Date
  • Airport IATA Codes
  • Price of real flight ticket
  • Connecting flight Details
  • Departure and Arrival Location name

Do We Need to Book a Flight Ticket Before Applying for Visa?

No, there is no need to book a flight ticket before applying for a visa. Rather you need to present a Flight Itinerary that you can book by paying a nominal price. The same flight ticket can be bought once the Visa has been approved by paying the real amount. There are multiple ways that we use to get the travel Flight Itinerary for visa prepared and moist of the times and a local agent traveller always prefers to get the flight booking.

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How to Get a Flight Itinerary for Visa without Paying

An individual who is ready to fly to an overseas company needs to get his Flight Itinerary ready to submit for a Visa application, and in this way, individuals are asked to book a refundable flight ticket or else can reserve a flight ticket at a cheaper rate as Flight Itinerary Pre Booking.

The flight reservation is only good up to 72 hours and later the same will be dismissed, and thus it is your responsibility to reserve the ticket until the Visa has been approved. As well the Visa application will take up to weeks and might get approved in 48 hours in rare cases

Thus getting the Flight Itinerary by booking a reserved ticket or dummy ticket is must, and this can be done by many ways, of which few have been detailed below. The details of your departure, arrival, name and city of reading with detailed information must be submitted in Flight Itinerary.

Get Flight Itinerary by Purchasing Refundable Flight Ticket: in this case the refundable air ticket must be purchased by the individual who is applying for Visa. Here if your Visa takes good time or has been rejected, you will be no loss except the taxation amount be deducted from the ticket. A normal fight ticket will not give you any money on cancellation, thus a refundable flight to prepare your Flight Itinerary for Visa application is preferred.

Reserve Ticket with Local Agent for Flight Itinerary: this is the most common way used by many applicants who are applying for Visa. Local agents might charge you a little higher price for a ticket if confirmed, but this way you can get a ticket reserved at a low cost. Usually in charge of 10% over flight tickets will be charged by a local agent for getting your Flight Itinerary ready.

Reserve Ticket with Hold Option for Flight Itinerary: This is an open option provided by the airlines to book a ticket that will be put on hold for a limited period. As per the selection, the ticket will be locked with your name for 3days and later it will be released if you didn’t confirm it by paying the full amount. An amount of 10% below for the ticket will be taken by Airlines to reserve and hold the flight ticket.

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