1210000248 Wells Fargo Routing Number for International Wire Transfer

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1210000248 Wells Fargo routing number helps to transfer funds between banks, for bill payments and digital checks. Just check detailed information on routing number, guides to get routing number from branch, for states Through this 25penny article…

A routing number is a nine-digit number on Checks and is mostly referred as ABA number or most frequently as Check Routing Number. The Routing Number is created by credit unions and American Bankers Association to securely receive or send funds. This allows a secure process of paper checks between banks.

The Routing Number for Wells Fargo is unique based on the bank account and the area of the Branch. These numbers are unique and would change based on your area of transfer, which changes mainly for domestic and international wire transfer.

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Wells Fargo Routing Number

If you’re planning to send funds through domestic Wells fargo wire routing number transfer or Wells fargo international routing number wire transfer, then you would have to use a different Routing Number.

  • It is quite important to check and write our proper Routing Number; else the fund transfer might end up landing into the wrong account.
  • If you’re using the domestic wire transfer, then the Routing Number for Wells Fargo is 1210000248.
  • If you’re using Wells fargo international Wire Transfer routing number, then the Routing Number 1210000248. You would also require Swift Code for any international transfer along with Routing Number.
Wells Fargo Routing Number
Wells Fargo Routing Number

How to Get Routing Number from Branch

If you have a Fargo Account, then you can find the Routing Number on your cheque.

  • The 9 digit code of Routing Number printed in the lower left corner of the cheque, which will be unique for every branch.
  • In case, if you don’t have a check handy, then you contact the customer care service of Wells Fargo through 800 869 3557. The executive will take your details and will provide the Routing Number of your branch area.
  • So, in this context you get the Wells Fargo routing number from branch directly which seems to be accurate ideas as it from the bank branch itself.

Routing Number for States

Here we bring you a list of Wells Routing Numbers which you go through and find out quickly. That Routing Number used for funds transfer based on the area.

Wells Fargo Alabama062000080
Wells Fargo Alaska125200057
Wells Fargo Arizona122105278
Wells Fargo California121042882
Wells Fargo Colorado121042882
Wells Fargo Utah124000066
Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas111900659
Wells Fargo Routing Georgia061000227
Wells Fargo Routing Number Florida063107513
Wells Fargo Vermont121042882

Can banks have multiple Routing Numbers?

Every bank will be provided with a primary and specific routing number which will be for the main branch. In case if a bank has multiple branches and if they want to schedule the payments directly to every branch in a secure manner, then they get allocated with multiple routing numbers based on their area.

Is swift code necessary along with routing number for international transfer?

Yes, if you’re trying to do an international transfer then it is mandatory to have the routing number of the branch. As well the customer needs to get the swift code; else the amount of transfer will not be transferred for any bank in international mode of transfer.

Do all Wells Fargo have the same routing number?

The Wells Fargo routing number is not the same for everyone, as it is based on location and unique for every branch. This purely depends on the location of your Wells Fargo account opened in their branch.

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