Wells Fargo Swift Code for International Wire Transfer & Foreign Exchange

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In this article, we will have listed out all the Wells Fargo bank swift codes one might need in case they want to receive money or send money internationally.

Are you a Wells Fargo bank customer who wants to either transfer and receive funds internationally? If yes, then you will need to find your bank’s swift code that is a unique identifier to help with your transactions.

Swift code is essentially required for any international bank transaction that includes both sending and receiving money. The reason a swift code is helpful is because it helps Wells Fargo bank accounts receive funds securely and accurately in a quick time.

Wells Fargo Swift Code
Wells Fargo Swift Code

If you are a Wells Fargo bank customer, then you should be in need of Wells Fargo bank swift codes to provide with your bank account number and bank details for correct transactions from international bank transactions.

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All Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code For International transfer with Code Name, Uses and Benefits

Swift CodeCode NameUseBenefits
WFBIUS6SPrimary CodeUsed for all types of wire transfers to Wells Fargo Bank accounts in the United States.Can be used for wire transfers to any Wells Fargo Bank branch in the United States.
WFBIUS6WFFXCurrency Exchange CodeUsed for foreign currency exchange transactions.Allows for easy and efficient foreign currency exchanges.
WFBIUS6SCHIChicago Branch CodeUsed for wire transfers to the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Chicago.Ensures the wire transfer goes to the intended branch in Chicago.
WFBIUS6SCLSCleveland Branch CodeUsed for wire transfers to the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Cleveland.Ensures the wire transfer goes to the intended branch in Cleveland.
WFBIUS6SDALDallas Branch CodeUsed for wire transfers to the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Dallas.Ensures the wire transfer goes to the intended branch in Dallas.

What is the SWIFT code for 420 Montgomery Street San Francisco CA 94104 Wells Fargo?

The SWIFT code for 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104 Wells Fargo is WFBIUS6S.

What is Wells Fargo SWIFT code Arizona or other states?

Wells Fargo Swift code for incoming Wells fargo international wire transfer, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey is WFBIUS6S.

How do I find my Wells Fargo SWIFT code?

The Wells Fargo bank swift code for all their branches is only one swift code which is WFBIUS6S.

Is Wells Fargo part of the SWIFT network?

Yes, Wells Fargo is part of the SWIFT network, which enables international wire transfers.

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