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Just check the Walmart Money centre hours and timings to open and close for services. Also, check how to locate Walmart money center hours near me to avail anytime…

Walmart is round the clock open center which is always available to service their customers. Walmart stores also have a money center which is mostly at the entrance of the store. This money center does offer different financial services such as money transfer, income tax preparation, bill pay for other services, credit cards, check cashing, debit card reloading and more.

There are still some Walmart stores who don’t have dedicated desks as money centres. But still they do offer all the services. Very customers who don’t have good credit history with banks, can move towards Walmart money center to get valuable services. They offer secured credit cards and other products which customers can use as per their flexibility.

ServiceWalmart Money Center Hours
Products availableRetail Goods, Pharmacy and more
Customer Care number18009256278

Walmart Money Center Hours

It might known to everyone that Walmart store are open all the days of year expect the week of Christmas. In general if we look at the operating hours of Walmart, most stores are open round the clock whereas few close at 11PM. There are timings that are managed by each Walmart store based on their area and location.

The Walmart Money centers are open through Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 8 PM. Money center Walmart hours are only limited between 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. The timing of neighbourhood Walmart money centres is the same across the states which differ from Walmart Store timing. The Walmart store might be open for a longer time but the money center in Walmart does only operate in the said timing of day.

Monday to Saturday8 AM to 8PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM
Week of ChristmasClose

If you want to know the money center hours of your nearest Walmart store. Then you can visit the official best and search for the money center. Search with the zip code of your area or give a call to service center to know your nearest Walmart money Services hours,. In general the above state timing will be effective but as per the state and region difference there might be a smaller difference in time which can be easily known from the official website of Walmart or through getting in connection with them.

Walmart Money Center Hours
Walmart Money Centeer

Walmart Money Center Services

As you have got to know at what time the money center does work, now we can know what are the services that are provided through Walmart.

Check cashing: if you get a paycheck from your employer or from any dealer, then you can cash it by visiting the Walmart money center. In general you will be charged with 4 dollars on chasing a 1000 dollars check. As per the increase in paycheck value the service charge will be added on their service.

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GoBank checking Account

if your bank doesn’t accept your application due to a bad ChexSystems score then money center can offer you an account in their Green Dot bank. As they don’t perform any checks on your payment history, and it becomes easier to create your account. GoBank doesn’t charge you over drafting fees and there are only around 10 dollars fees as a monthly service charge.

Bill Pay

The money center allows you to pay our bills and as well you can use the Walmart mobile banking application to pay bills at Walmart hours. There will nominal service charges applied on the total paid. The amount paid on Bills directly added to your account and clear your dues.

Bluebird Debit card

Bluebird from American Express a debit card which can be added with money and it is no different from one debit card linked with your savings account. There are no fees on withdrawal of money from this debit card offered through money center services.

Money Transfer

If you want to send money to any receipt by any the means, then money center will help you out. It will charge some service charge if you’re paying through card or will directly issue a paycheck or directly transfer the amount to the recipient bank account. Fees based on the is amount that transferred through money center.

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How to Locate Walmart Money center

The simplest and easiest way to know the location of the money center in Walmart hours is described here. Just follow these steps and you will reach your nearest Walmart money center.

  1. Visit the official website of Walmart from browser or go through this link
  2. Provide your location and let Map search for nearest location
  3. Choose from the list of store details and opt one which is nearest to you
  4. That’s it, Walmart money center nearest to your address can be seen and you can visit it for your money transaction to meet your any financial services.
Walmart Money Center Close Time

Can I cash money from Walmart anytime?

The Walmart money center does work only during the limited hours as listed. Thus anyone who’s willing to cash their paycheck or cash the amount by any means, needs to visit the Walmart store during the working hours of the Money center. The store might be open round the clock, but the Walmart money center services will only work during stimulus time.

What Services offered in Walmart Money Center?

The services as Cash withdrawal, prepaid Debit, and Credit Card along with issuing of Walmart Money Order is offered in every Walmart Money Centre, and they might charge you a processing fee which can be free at your Bank, but the service provided will be authentic and can be used by anyone who doesn’t have an account.

How much can I withdraw from Walmart Money Center?

As per try security regulation form Walmart money center, 500 dollars can only be withdrawn from Walmart ATM cards. This limit is only for the day and will be reversed when the next day clock starts.

Cannot cash check at Walmart?

If the electronic verification of your check has failed, then you will not be able to cash it. if anything suspicious as check seems to be fraud or with wrong information, then it will not cash it. These are some common reasons for Walmart to decline your check to get cashed.

Do we have Walmart Rewards for using the Money Center?

Yes, customers who are regularly using the Walmart Money Centre can avail of the Credit Card with Rewards which can be used to use their points to buy different items from the store, and the same card can be accessed at Gas Stations and other billing counters, which gives you reward points on every transaction made.

What is Walmart Bluebird Card in the Money Center?

Walmart does allow the customer to get the prepaid customer who doesn’t have one from their bank account. Customers can load the cash and get a bluebird debit card activated which can thus be used for their differing purpose. There is not much reward gained from Bluebird, despite you will have your cash in the form of a prepaid card to be accessed anywhere.

Can I load my prepaid debit card from Walmart?

Yes, Walmart money center does allow you to load your debit card anytime with the cash you have got. The process will be easier and will help you have your prepaid debit card full of money which can be thus used for your personal use anytime.

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