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A resident of USA can now send a money order with in the United States using Post Office or Banks, Check how to send a money order, and how to cash the MO and the status of the order placed…

There are still people who do use Money Order for their money transactions within the USA and can use the post office located in your area to send Money Order inside the USA boundaries, and the Money Order facility is not possible outside the USA and there is a limit of 1000 dollars to be sent at once.

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If you want to send more amounts, the individual needs to spit multiple money orders having a maximum of 1000 dollars, and the details in the Money Order need to be correct, else the receiver will not be able to retrieve the amount.

Send Money Order within USA

How to Send Money Order Within USA

The process is little easy, if you are aware of the address and documents required while sending an money order to someone within the USA domestic limits.

  • Firstly get the amount decided to be sent through Money Order
  • Find the nearest Post Office Location in your areas through Google
  • Get ready with cash or debit card or any debatable card to the post office
  • Now fill the money order form in the counter with the amount to be sent
  • Pay the dollars to the post office along with processing fees
  • Take your Receipt, which you can track online to check the status
  • That’s it, the Money Order which has been decided will be sent to the address filled in the application, and the money will be handed to the receiver as Dollars in cash to the recipient.

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Money Order Fees within USA

The Money Order within the Domestic limits of the USA can be taken with a maximum amount of one thousand dollars, and here are some given processing Fees that will be charged as per your transaction amount.

  • If Money Order is within 0.01 Dollar to 500 Dollars you get charged with a processing fee of 1.25 dollars
  • If the Money Order is between 500 Dollars to 1000 dollars then the processing fee will be 1.75 dollars

This processing fee needs to be submitted along with the total amount to be sent through Money Order from the US post office.

How to Cash Money Order within USA

If you have received a Money Order with someone under the USA, then you need to cash it as early as possible, and there are locations to send a money order with in USA such as post offices, banks, and stores where the Money Order slip is accepted.

Cash Money Order in Post Office

Money Order in the post office within the USA can be used in cash for free. The receiver needs to visit the post office along with their photo ID card as verification to get the cash written in the Money Order slip.

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Cash Money Order in Bank or Stores

Money Order can also be cashed from any Bank or few stores that accept the Money Order slips, and here the processing fee will be applied, and the cash will be given to the individual by verifying the identity by deducting the processing fee.

How to Check Status of Money Order

US citizens can visit the post office or online post office website to track the status of their Money Order, and you would require the Serial Number, Post Office number, and Dollar amount to get your Money Order tracked.

Based on requested details, the Money Order details will be listed and if it has been in cash by the receiver their name will be shown as an identity, and this way the exact location of the Money Order can be checked, and you can be relaxed.

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Can I withdraw Money Order once sent?

No, the Money Order once sent cannot be stopped as it will receive to the receiver within a short time, and as well if the Money Order is damaged or lost, the money can be requested as a refund to one who has ordered the Money Order by verifying their identity.

How many does it take to get a lost Money Order?

The post office of the USA will take 30 days to confirm the identity of the Money Order, and once the status has been confirmed the Money Order amount will be given as a refund to the one who has initiated the Money Order by verifying their identity.

Can a damaged Money Order be replaced?

Yes, if you have the Money Order along with the receipt number the post office will verify the details, and once the details are verified and new Money Order will be issued as per the receipt details, which can be then in cash by the receiver by showing their identity.

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