Walmart Money Order Limit for Minimum / Maximum Transaction

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In this article we will provide the details about the Walmart money order limit for transaction.

Walmart Money Order is the easiest way to send money to someone without any fear of failure as per the limit, and this is termed as unbreakable bonds which do allow the recipient to get their money sent absolutely and don’t get any failure.

Thus many prefer to get the Money Order in terms of cash exchange, such that one who doesn’t have an account can also get their Money Order placed.

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The Money Order does help the money to be sent to one who doesn’t have an account and as well the sender as well doesn’t need to have an account, and there are limits that everyone should be aware of while receiving or sending a Money Order.

Walmart Money Order Limit

Walmart Money Order Limit

Walmart is a well-known brand that has offered many services and thus it has also one part to get the Money Order placed, and the Walmart Money order Limits starts from a minimum of 100 dollars to maximum touching to 1000 dollars.

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The Money Order placed from Walmart can only be withdrawn in other stores during the Walmart money center time and elsewhere it can’t be cashed, and the processing for the entire Money Order limit Walmart is just 0.70 dollars and will not exceed anywhere.

As well within the limit of 1000 dollars, Walmart does allow only one transaction to be placed for money exchange, and the processing fees will be charged as extra and will not be included in the money order amount.

Walmart Money Order TypeMO Limit
Walmart money Order Min$ 100
Walmart Max Money order$ 1000

Can we send 1100 Dollars through Walmart Money Order?

No, as per the transaction limit for the entire Money Order only 1000 dollars can be used per transaction, and as per the Walmart store acceptance, 4 transactions per day are allowed through different modes of payment to get a Walmart Money Order placed.

Can we withdraw Walmart money orders from other stores?

Yes, if you have a Walmart Money Order received then it can be used to withdraw at the Walmart store at first preference, and as well the same Money Order can also be used to withdraw at different stores as per their transaction limits and as well few might ask you for the transaction fees.

Does Walmart Accept other Money Order in their Stores?

Ans: As per the rules of the Walmart store, the Money Order from other stores or post officers are accepted to withdraw from Walmart, where the stores only accept the Money Order from their stores, and this makes the recipient find the Walmart stores only.

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