Walmart Protection Plan – How to File Claim & Cancel

Get benefits of Walmart Protection Plan upon your products like Television, Laptops, Mobiles, etc.. and Know How to file claim under Walmart Protection Plan…

Walmart Protection Plan is a service from Walmart for their customers which does protect their products from damage. These are like normal insurance plans which protect the device from any type of damage as per the policy terms. In general any product including the jewelry protected under Protection Plan which means, customers can still stay back.

If their product is broken or damaged. Walmart by default adds the product into the protection plan with some nominal service charges. So having a product protected under plan will keep you safe if any electrical or mechanical failure has occurred along with some manufacturer defect. This service keeps customers relaxed even if their product damaged and will give the best ways to claim for refund if at all required.

Walmart Protection Plan

Here is a list of products for Allstates Walmart Protection Plan does cover under. We as got you some details about each product coverage through this plan provided by Walmart.


If you have opted for protection plan for your television, then it does cover the electrical failures and mechanical failures. Any accidental damage, loss, theft, or intentional damage to the television not covered under the plan. Customers can report screen failure, remote failure, won’t power on and speaker failure in addition to other damages.

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The plan for laptop protects you from drops, life’s accidents, spills, electrical or mechanical failures. Any kind of loss, theft, intentional damage to the laptop will not consider. Cracked screen, liquid damage, battery failure or hard drive failure are additions in the protection plan.

Mobile Phones

The plan for Mobile phones does cover drops, spills along with other electrical and mechanical failures. Any type of loss, theft, damage through intention not covered. Hence cracked screen, liquid damage, touchscreen failure, charging point failure covered under the same.


The Plan is for Tablet does protect from drops, life accent and any type of mechanical failure. Any type of intentional damage or loss not added to the plan. So the exterior damage can shown to protection plan agency for future details.

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Power Equipment and Patio

If you have a plan for outdoor power equipment and patio. Then any type of electrical or mechanical failure are covered where any accidental or intentional loss not added in plan. Motor failure, failure from wear or tear will check in addition.

General Merchandise

Walmart Protection Plan for general merchandise protected from mechanical and electrical failure and not covered. If loss due to accidental damage or intentional damage.

Jewellery and Watches

The Plan does predict the jewellery and watches from mechanical failure and damage with breaks. So any intentional loss or damage to the product not covered. Moreover if the component broken or damaged or has damaged with liquid will covered under the Plan.

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Walmart Protection com File a Claim Process

Have you opted for the WalmartProtection Plan for your product, then it is quite necessary to go for a claim if you see any damage to your project? This receipt process is only applicable if you have repaired your device or product and want to claim money under Walmart Protection Plan.

  1. Visit official site of Walmart Protection Plan

    Use the online link of Walmart Protection com Plan to go with an easy and fastest claim process

  2. Tap on file a claim and provide your Email ID

    Click on File a claim and enter your Email ID used at the time of purchase.

  3. Get receipt downloaded with an approved stamp

    Get your receipt downloaded with an approved stamp along with your product or device details on it for references.

  4. Contact with Specialict

    Get in contact with specialist if necessary to educate him about the damage and receipt being used for claim

  5. Product will replace in case of product is not repairable

    In case the product is not repairable the replacement for reimbursement will be made instantly

  1. How to manage Walmart Protection Plans?

    If you have multiple products purchased from Walmart, then it is better to have the Walmart Protection Plan for each of them added. These plans can be viewed from the official website of Walmart by logging with your unique credentials. All Walmart Protection Plans for different products can be seen with their respective date of expiry.

  2. Is receipt required for Walmart Protection Plan claim?

    Yes, a receipt is always necessary to have a Walmart warranty claim for a product under protection plan. Even if you don’t have your receipt, you can visit the online website of Walmart to get your respective receipt downloaded. These receipts must be saved and shared along with details of damage for claim.

  3. Can I transfer to the Walmart Protection Plan?

    Yes, as a customer you're eligible to transfer the plan anytime as per your wish. Just visit the website and select the new plan that you want to move. Just click on the transfer plan from the quick links in the right corner to move your product to the new Walmart Protection Plan and this process is same for Allstates Walmart Protection Plan.

  4. Is it required to register with Walmart Protection Plan?

    There is no requirement from the customer to register with Protection Plan, as when you buy a product and opt for Walmart Protection Plan the details will be automatically added. In case of claim the receipt is required, other than that the customer had no work to process.

  5. Can I cancel the Walmart Protection Plan?

    Yes, customers have full flexibility to do with their Walmart Protection Plan. Customers must visit the Walmart store with the receipt of purchase and ask the executive to cancel the plan form their product. If you have purchased the product online, then you can use the customer service number to contact the executive to cancel your plan.

  6. What is Walmart Protection Plan with Manufacturer warranty?

    The product sold in Walmart does come with 90 days of manufacturer warranty in minimum to having 1 years as maximum form the date of purchase. If any damage or loss of product between this item will be taken under the manufacturer and any item which is denied by manufacturer will be taken over by Walmart Protection Plan. Thus in either way customers can relax funds invested on the product for at least 1 year.

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  1. I purchased a 3 year protection plan when i ordered my dyson vacuum and want to cancel. the dyson came with a 5 year warranty so i do not need the 3 year Walmart plan. I want to cancel immediately and get my $24.00 refunded to my charge card. Plan number is 968152xxxx, coverage date 03/27/2023


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