Money Order Near Me in USA – 7 Options to Send MO in US

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You can find the 7 easiest options which allow sending a money order from the authorized centers near you in the USA, Check each option open near you and raise your money order…

Money Order is the easiest way to get your money transferred to one for paying bills or sending money, and there are numerous locations which are situated in the United States of America to be used as a Money Order center, so, just find the list from this article and go to the nearest as per your flexibility.

The money can be paid or cashed from these stores with their varying chargers, and Money Order can be the easiest way to send money to someone who doesn’t have a bank account, as well as the financial stores or institutes that have varying processing fees, and thus anyone can use any of the Money Order centres and get them raised which make them comfortable with their processing fees and easy accessibility.

USA Money Order Near You

Where can I Get Money Order Near Me in USA

There are many places in the USA from where one can easily get the Money Order ordered nearby you, and have a look at these places and get their details to get your Money Order raised.

Post Office

This is an official place, where the Money Order can be raised with having a maximum amount as 1000 dollars, and the charge of 1.25 to 1.75 dollars for 500 and 1000 dollars will be charged for your transaction.

The Money Order can be cashed at USPS and having then cashed at post office for free along with other financial institutions having their processing chargers.


Get to your nearest Walmart store and get your Money Order prepared with a limit of 1000 dollars, and Walmart does accept your cash, debit card, or Walmart money card to get a Money Order raised and sent as per the details you fill, and the next receiver can directly recover your Money Order at their Walmart store making these better easy for transactions.

Walmart does have a kiosk for cash checking which makes your work easier to get a Money Order raised with the cash you carry with.

7 Eleven

There are 7 Eleven stores across the United States of America and thereby you can visit them to get a Money Order Raised, and they do work with MoneyGram which offers Money Order and some works with Western Union.

The processing fee for your entire money order will be around 1 to 3 percent which is not the cheapest way to get your Money Order raised, and the maximum amount of the Money Order is 500 which is half of the agreed maximum amount from other financial institutes.

Local Banks

These can be any easiest location which you can find to write a Money Order, and there are easiest ways and as well making the banks as Money Order in the USA will always be secured, where you can either use your account number to get the Money Order prepaid or any method which is best suitable except the credit card to fill the Money Order.

The Money Order will be praised if you are in a bank with your account details and as well the processing fees will be minimum which makes it worth it. the bank does have a security on your Money Order and can be used to refund if required with the receipt number.


The Kroger does have a Money Order facility with a fair price, and the limit of Money Order does differ based on the location of your Kroger store; the processing fee is below 1 dollar which is minimum when compared with other Money Order centres.

There are few Kroger stores that are small and don’t issue or help you to withdraw the Money Order, and thus being the cheapest one for money order, it is always available in selectable places which make it sometimes difficult to find. You can just walk to Kroger store if you really find it nearby for easy and cheapest chargers.

MoneyGram or Western Union

You can directly visit the store or MoneyGram or Western Union in the USA and get the Money Order done, where the processing fees for the 1000 dollars will be as minimum as 0.70 dollars which is the least by any of the financial institutes, and you can use your debit card or cash or any Money Card from MoneyGram or Western Union to pay for the Money Order.

Here the fees for the Money Order amount will be decreased based on your truncation with having one dollar as the highest, and thus being a reasonable and easily reachable position many used this store for Money Order.

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At these places, you can go ahead to get the Money Order in the USA from the western union for free, and the limit of Money Order has been removed here and one can make payment only using cash with no access to debit or credit card. Just go with your identity and use the Amscot store which is open almost most of the time.

The only difficulty is you need to walk with Cash in and out, as there are no means of transaction asked in Amscot for money order.

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Can I order a Money Order at Walmart and cash at the Post Office?

Yes, the Money Order can be issued at any institute and can be withdrawn at any place. Thus one needs to have an valid Money Order which can be cashed at any of the Post offices or Walmart as per their easy accessibility.

Do I need to pay a processing fee while withdrawing a Money Order?

The processing fee of the Money Order during the cashing, will depend from where you’re trying to get it cashed. Most of the stores or banks do offer free access to cash a Money Order, where some charge a minimal charge based on your amount.

Can we get Money Order outside the US?

No, the Money Order system is only between the United states of America. The Money Order is for someone who is not having a Bank account or you’re trying to make an exact payment which will not be bounced at any cost.

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