Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop and Advantages

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Are you confused for buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop or Without Mop. Both the cleaners have it’s own advantages and disadvantages in it.

So just follow our article till end to get clear information of robotic vacuum cleaners and it’s functionality that contains without mop.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop

Mostly you will get equal number of options in the market to buy robot vacuum cleaners with Mop as well as Without Mop with slight increment towards Mopped one.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop
Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop

Robot Vacuum Cleaners without mop are only for vacuuming the floor of your house. It sweeps your house completely and removes dirt, dust and debris. The waste collected in dustbin and some of it contains self-empty dustbin feature too.

Generally these cleaners contains a strong suction power and a better brushes as compared to the robot vacuum cleaners that contains mop.

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But it’s totally depends on your choice that what makes you comfort and reach your requirement. So to know this, lets have a look on Pros and Cons in it.

Advantages of Robot Vacuum Cleaner without Mop

There are some advantages and some disadvantages to use Cleaners without mop at your home, just check the Pros and Cons :

Slimmer and Lighter

  • As robot vacuum cleaners without mop function, does not contain any mop pad and built-in Water tank in it. So it will be more smaller and lighter as compared to the one that contains mop.

Budget friendly

  • Generally, the robot vacuum cleaners without mop are more affordable and less in price as compared to cleaners with mop function

Low Maintenance

  • Robot vacuum cleaners with mop function have to be filled with water regularly, replace the mop pad and have to clean it repeatedly. But in case of cleaners without mop, you don’t need to maintain all these accessories as it simply sweeps the house. But most of cleaners offering self filling of water and automatic washing of mop pads.

Have to buy replaceable products repeatedly

  • You need to buy and replace a new mop Pad or mopping clothes and filters in regular interval of time for better performance for Mopped robot cleaners but no need to purchase anything for cleaner without mop function.

You have to clean the the surface if there any wet waste present on floor before using robot vacuum cleaner without mop function which consumes your time and efforts.

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As per maintenance, cost and suction power for sweeping, you can prefer a robot vacuum cleaner without mop. But still a robot vacuum cleaner with mop is suggestible to purchase.

As it saves your time, clean the floor very neatly as compared to without mop one, Mops and sweeps the floor at a time and removes both dry and wet waste. So robot vacuum cleaner with a mop function is a better option.

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