Different Control Types of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Robot vacuum cleaners have completely transformed the way we clean our homes, making traditional vacuuming and mopping a thing of the past. With their advanced features and cutting-edge technology, they not only save us a significant amount of time but also reduce our efforts. If you’re wondering how to control them, rest assured that there are several types of controls available for robot vacuum cleaners (RVCs).

These control types provide you the complete command on your RVC and it’s performance. Not only switching it on and off but also lot of changes and settings you can make with it.

Through this article, we can learn the different types of control types and the changes you can do with Robotic Vacuum Cleaner using these controls.

Robot Vacuum Different Control Types
Different Control Types

Control Types of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There are mainly five types of controller types available to control the robotic vacuum cleaner at your home. Just go through with the basic equipment to advanced device to control it. So, check the types and choose based on your requirement:

Remote Control

Remote Control is the most basic type of control and you can control your cleaner with it. But it offers very less controls like just switching it on or off and you can change cleaning mode.

Some remotes may also offers you to modify suction power and to guide direction as well, but very rarely. If you are looking for affordable RVC, then it’s best choice.

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Button Control

Robot vacuum cleaners of basic model, only contains some button on itself to control it. But it offers very less control over cleaner like you just On or Off it and may able to change the cleaning mode too using that physical button.

It is most affordable among other RVCs and doesn’t requires any smart phone to use. But it makes you difficult to control it, when it is under any furniture and table as you can’t able to click the button.

App Control

This is the most precise way to control your robot vacuum cleaner. App control is compatible with almost any smartphone or Tablet. You can use it to setting schedule of cleaning, creating no-go zones and virtual wall barriers, track real time cleaning, check clean history, set the map of your house, change cleaning modes and suction power and many more as it gives complete control over your robot vacuum cleaner.

It saves your lot of time and energy. But it is bit expensive compared to above control types and different models of RVCs offers different control features through app. You can also update app software for more updated features and to fix the bugs.

Touchpad Control

This touchpad control basically available at top of the robotic vacuum cleaner. There is a touch screen panel from where you can control the cleaner by clicking on the required options to start it or to change cleaning mode.

But this control type available in very less models as it was not attracted by people because you have very less control over your RVC.

Voice Control

Voice control is the most convenient control type to control your robot vacuum cleaner. You just want to give voice commands to control it. For that, you simply need to connect your cleaner to a smart speaker or voice assistant like Alexa or Google assistant.

After successfully connected, you have to say a command like “Hey google, clean the kitchen” or “Alexa, pause cleaning”. There are wide variety range of voice commands that RVC follows and it may varies from one model to other.

Voice control is a best option and provides you a hands-free experience.
If you want to feel best experience and easy use with your robot vacuum cleaner, then it is suggestible to purchase a cleaner which offers voice control.

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Conclusion: Till now, we discussed different control types and how it used to command your robot vacuum cleaner. But also some models offers multiple control types like both App and voice control.

When it comes to choosing a control type for your cleaner, it’s important to remember that the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs, requirements, and budget. If you’re on a tight budget, then a remote control is a great option. However, if you want the most precise and convenient control over your cleaner, then App or Voice control are the way to go. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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