10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

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We made a list of top 10 best robot vacuum cleaners in India based on top ratings and reviews from Amazon.in. You can refer every product and its all specifications and price and make a choice to purchase.

Looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that suits you but confusing to pick a best one from the available products available in the market or online.

At the time of preparing list, we keep in mind that specifications which are mandatory and useful to buy like good suction power for vacuuming, robot vacuum cleaners with mop, App support, compatible with Alexa and budget friendly too.

So just go through this article till end, to know how to make a selection to buy and best 10 robot vacuum cleaners available in India.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

How to Make Best Selection for Purchasing Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  • First understand the your requirements that you need only vacuuming the floor or mopping it too
  • Size of your home as it is larger, you need to buy the cleaner with powerful battery life else regular one is enough
  • Make sure that Surface type of your floor is acceptable by the robot vacuum cleaner that you are purchasing as not all the cleaners supports all the floor types
  • If you have Pets at your home, then buy a cleaner that contains HEPA Filter as it traps the pet hair efficiently
  • Check the Navigation type of robot vacuum cleaner. There are two types of navigation types available and that are Laser navigation and Visual navigation. Laser navigation is super effective as compared to visual navigation but it is budget friendly.
  • Special Features : There are lot of special features like 2 in 1 mode, virtual wall barrier, scheduled mapping, many more features that you keep in mind.
  • Budget : Now coming to the very important point that is setting a budget for you before buying. Because robot vacuum cleaners are available in wide range of budget. So setting a budget saves your money.

10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

After noting your requirements and budget, now it’s time to select the best robot vacuum cleaner for you. So follow the list of our top 10 recommendations for your reference.


Deebot N8 is an all rounder robot vacuum cleaner that makes it to stood at first place. It offers 2 in 1 mode that cleaner sweeps and mop the floor at a time. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ecovacs Deebot N8 have powerful battery life that covers upto 2000 square feet in a single charge. It contains True mapping technology and detects upto 33 and scans 360o with 4x accuracy. You can set virtual walls and schedule the cleaning and maps with Ecovacs Home app.

It also offers auto-empty dustbin and detects carpet while mopping and not wet it out. It contains three different water flows for effective cleaning and able to store multiple maps.

Price₹ 31,900
Dustbin and Water Tank Capacity420ml and 240ml
Filter TypeEPA Filter and HEPA filter
Control TypeVoice and App
Compatible withGoogle Home and Alexa
Battery Duration110 mins
Product dimensions49H x 43L x 16W centimeters
Weight of Product6 Kg 750 Gm
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Viomi Alpha S9

Viomi Alpha S9 Robot Vacuum-Mop contains powerful suction and battery which is more suitable for large houses and covers almost 3000sqft in single charge and best for removing pet hair.

The rotate speed of brushes is nearly 15000 r/min which is really abnormal. It offers 2 in 1 mode that sweeps and mops at a time.

It integrates with AI smart mapping technology that provides manual and two-way cleaning with Y-type mopping for extent cleaning. Also self dirt disposal system available in Viomi alpha S9 with auto dumping station.

It contains powerful navigation with Lidar sensors and a total of 12 different sensors which provides 100% accuracy. You can create no-go zones, virtual walls, schedule cleaning and many more through MI home app.

Price₹ 42490
Suction Power2700Pa
Dustbin and Water Tank Capacity3L and 250ml
Battery Capacity5200maH
Control TypeApp
Product Dimensions35L x 35W x 9.8H
Product Weight2Kg
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Now coming to best and budget friendly robot vacuum cleaner, ILIFE V3s Max. It is suitable for almost every type of surface and contains powerful suction. ILIFE V3s max is ideal at hard floors, carpets and for Pet hair cleaning.

It also supports 2 in one mode and you can control it through app, Alexa, google home and followed by remote.

It is easy to use and you can schedule the cleaning, check cleaning history, modify Suction settings and cleaning mode as per your choice through mobile app.

This robot automatically detects the carpet and increase the suction power to clean the carpet. It contains both dustbin and water tank. Also offers 3 different level of water flows to mop in every situation of floor.

Price₹ 17,400
Dustbin and Water Tank Capacity600ml and 200ml
Control TypeRemote, App and Voice
Filter Type4 layer filter, HEPA, Microfilter
Compatible withAmazon Echo, Google Home and Smartphone app
Product Dimensions33L x 33W x 8.1H
Product Weight3Kg 940 gm
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Proscenic M8

Proscenic M8 is one of the most smartest robotic vacuum cleaner. It provides advanced laser technology to scan the house 360o for cleaning in both day and night. It has ability to plan the cleaning route in real time.

You can control it through voice command and through mobile app. Using app, you can schedule the cleaning of each room separately, set no-go zones, virtual walls, adjust water flow and suction power.

It become special as compared to other cleaners as it offers 3 in 1 mode and 4 adjustable water flows and 3 adjustable suction power.

Also contains carpet boost mode that automatically increase the suction power if it identifies carpet infront of it. There is also auto-recharge feature available.

Price₹ 34,990 +
Suction powerupto 3000Pa
Runtime Duration (in single full charge)upto 130 mins
Charging time160 to 190 mins
Dustbin and Water Tank Capacity280ml and 300ml
Filter TypeHEPA
Control TypeVoice and App
Compatible withAlexa, smart app and Google Assistant
Product Dimensions35L x 35W x 9.7H
Product Weight5 Kg 90 gm
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Eufy by Anker, RoboVac G20

If you are looking for a slimmest and powerful robot vacuum cleaner, then Robovac G20 is the best choice. Not only light wight but it also produce very less sound while cleaning the floor.

If you are looking for the cleaner that only sweeps the floor with more accuracy, flexibility and quietly then you must prefer this product. It provides powerful suction and you can control it from everywhere using EufyHome app.

You can schedule the cleaning, set spot mode and also modify Suction control using the mobile app.

Price₹ 18900
Suction PowerUpto 2500Pa
Control typeVoice and App
Compatible withAlexa
Battery Life90 Mins
Product Dimensions32.5L x 32.5W x 7.2H
Product Weight2.9 Kg
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MI Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2i

It is an all rounder robot vacuum cleaner and budget friendly too. This robot offers 2 in mode that perform both sweeping and mopping.

It contains 25 high precision sensors that includes obstacle sensors, cliff sensor, wall sensor and many more and analyze real time home mapping.

You can control it through the mobile app and also able to check cleaning status and schedule the cleaning in real time. It offers Zig Zag cleaning to clean the floor without leaving a single centimeter space.

It has Gyroscope and Optical Sensor Aided navigation to scan the room and obstacles with best accuracy. Also ultra-wide angle lens provides the best capture of room to clean perfectly.

Price₹ 18,999
Dustbin and Water Tank Capacity450ml and 270ml
Suction Power2200Pa
Control TypeTouch, Smart App, Voice command
Compatible withAlexa and Google Assistant, smart phones, smartwatches
Battery Life120 Minutes
Product dimensions35.3L x 35.3W x 8.1H
Product Weight3.1 Kg

Samsung Jet Bot

Looking a well branded Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, then it’s our best choice to purchase. It is special among others for its intelligent power control technology as Jet bot identifies the surface type and quantity of dust and dirt and adjust the suction power itself to clean floor completely.

Accurate navigation with LiDAR sensors and you can set mapping of your home using Samsung SmartThings App.

Also you can change cleaning mode, set no-go zones, virtual walls, real time tracking and cleaning history through mobile app. It’s Dustbin is washable and can be emptied by just tipping the dustbin. Also you can control it through voice command.

Price₹ 61,711
Dustbin capacity400ml
Filter typeDisk
Control TypeVoice and App
Compatible withAlexa and Google Assistant
Product dimensions35.1L x 35.1W x 10.6H
Product Weight3.85 Kg

iRobot Roomba i7+ (i755640)

Here, the very trusted brand for robotic vacuum cleaners iRobot, offering Roomba i7+. It comes with auto-disposal dustbin into the clean base. Also it contains 4 layers of allergen blocking material to trap 99% of pollen and mold.

This robot is WiFi connected and contains automatic power lifting suction to supports at any type of floor. Almost upto 2 months, there is no need to empty the dustbin as it has auto-empty bin.

To clean any size of dirt and debris, it contains 3 stage cleaning system that works with dual multi-surface rubber brushes and powerful power-lifting Suction.

It not only cleans but also learns from your cleaning habits and suggestion and recommends you any cleaning tips like extra cleaning during pet shedding season.

Price₹ 59,900
Dustbin capacity400ml
Cleaning path coverage34cms
Control typeVoice and App
Compatible withAmazon Echo and Google home
Product Dimensions13.5L x 13.4W x 3.7H
Product Weight3.38 Kg

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 115 MAX

Are you looking for a best all rounder vacuum for your home, then you must refer this RVC. It comes with powerful Suction and Super thin and produce very less sound. Also this robot offers auto charging feature with a battery life of 100 minutes.

It is suitable for cleaning the floor types ranging from Hard floors to Medium-Pile Carpets. The model highlights that it is a durable product and you can get best usage for a long time.

Price₹ 49,558
Dustbin Capacity600ml
Suction Power2000Pa
Filter TypeHEPA
Control TypeRemote
Product dimensions32.5L x 32.5W x 7.2H
Product Weight2.6 Kg

VIOMI V3 Robot Vacuum-Mop

It is the one of the most preferable Robot vacuum cleaner and budget friendly too. This robot offers powerful suction and 2 in 1 mode that sweeps and mop too. Also it provides 4900mAH battery that is very durable for better cleaning.

It contains large water tank that can able to mop atleast 2700sqft in a single run. There are S and Y pattern for cleaning the floor without leaving a single space on floor. It has 3 different containers for vacuuming, mopping and for hybrid mode.

You can control it using Mi Home app to manage scheduling, mapping, setting no-go zones virtual walls and many more options. With the help of LiDAR navigation, it covers cleaning with 100% accuracy and contains 12 different types of smart sensors to avoid collision, anti-drop and wall sensors too.

Price₹ 30,990
Suction Power2600Pa
Water tank Capacity550ml
Battery lifeupto 150mins
Control typeApp and Voice
Compatible withAlexa, Smart phones, Google home
Product Weight3.6Kg

Disclaimer: Above the above published information is only for reference purpose. For any changes in the content, we refer to visit the concerned official website, and we are not responsible for anything.

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