Control Robotic Vacuum Cleaner using Google Home and Best Cleaners Compatible

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Control your robot vacuum cleaner in a easy way that is through voice control and to use this feature you need to have any voice assistant that is compatible with your robot and the most usable one is Google Assistant.

Through this article, you will learn how to connect your robot vacuum with google assistant using google home app and the most common voice commands available to instruct your robot.

Control Robotic Vacuum Cleaner using Google Home
Control Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Google Home

How to Connect Robot Vacuum with Google Assistant

To do this, you have to install Google Home app on your mobile or tablet. Then set your google account with the app. Now you can able to connect your Robot Vacuum with google assistant through google home app. For detailed process follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Launch Google Home app on your mobile
  2. Click on Plus symbol present on top of the home screen
  3. Select Set up Device option
  4. Tap on Works with Google
  5. Click on Search bar and search for robot vacuum’s model
  6. Enter the details of robot to authorize the account linking
  7. Select your robot vacuum from the suggested list
  8. Choose the home and click on Next to add the robot
  9. Select any room from the list to keep your robot and click on Next again
  10. You will be directed to home page where you get robot vacuum icon
  11. Click on your robot vacuum icon and then tap on settings icon
  12. Change the robot name which you use to instruct robot by voice command
  13. Save the changes and connecting process completed successfully.

From now you can instruct your robot vacuum through google home app or simply by voice command by using smart speaker or a smart display.

To control your robot through voice commands using google assistant, you need to use a smart speaker that is compatible with google home like Google nest hub or Google Mini home.

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Also you can control it by touch control by using smart display that is compatible with google home like Google Nest Hub max or Google Pixel tablet. You can simply control robot by clicking on manual controls present on touch display.

Most Common Voice commands to Control Robot Vacuum

Voice commands through google assistant is a bit easier as compared to other voice assistant. Because here the commands are simply straight forward. You no need to tell the name of your robot vacuum to google assistant if you have only one robot in your home.

If you have multiple robots, then you have mention the name while commanding it or else you didn’t tell the name, google assistant itself asks you to say the name to instruct particular robot.

Now lets have a look on most common voice commands to instruct your robot vacuum if you have one robot at your home:

  • Hey Google, start cleaning
  • Hey Google, stop vacuuming
  • Hey Google, Resume vacuuming
  • Hey Google, Pause Vacuuming
  • Hey Google, where is my robot vacuum?
  • Hey Google, clean the bedroom
  • Hey Google, Mop the floor
  • Hey Google, tell vacuum to go home
  • Hey Google, is my robot vacuum charged ?

If you have multiple robot vacuums at your home, then you need to mention name. So have a look on most common voice commands:

  • Hey google, tell <name of robot> to clean the house
  • Hey google, ask <name of robot> to vacuum kitchen

Advice: Try to name your robot something different unlike person’s name. As there may be a chance of your robot confused to activate robot or to make call of that person’s name from contact list. So it is suggestible to use different name that not present in your contact list.

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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners that compatible with Google Assistant

Here we will discuss some best robot vacuums that can compatible with google assistant and it is suggestible to go through the list if you want to purchase a new robot vacuum cleaner.

S.No.Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1roborock Q7 Max
2Shark AV2001
3roborock Q5+
4iRobot Roomba 694
5Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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