How Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping Your Home

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Have you ever thought how your robot vacuum navigate or do mapping of your entire house itself and follows the same path always.

As robot vacuum cleaners works on artificial intelligence, it maps your house first by roaming around and stores the entire mapping information. Through this article know how it navigates the house, different type mapping technologies involved in it.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping

Robot Vacuum mapping is a process by which robot generates map of your house. Basic equipment of robot vacuum cleaner models only sweeps the house in a random way as there may be a chance of leaving some spaces uncleaned.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Maps your home
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Maps your home

But advanced models scans the entire house using navigation technology for the first time and remember the entire structure of your house. After first clean, it follows same pattern for cleaning the home.

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Not only routes, some models identifies hard surfaces and carpets and automatically increase the suction power for better cleaning. So when you are using your robot vacuum for the first time, present at home and instruct the robot properly.

You can also do schedule mapping for cleaning through mobile app that compatible with your robot vacuum cleaner. You can set map, no-go zones, virtual walls and many more using mobile app.

So know how this navigation works and what robot uses to do mapping and avoiding collisions with obstacles.

What are the benefits of mapping of robot vacuum cleaner?

There are lot of benefits with robot vacuum mapping as it cleans your home in more efficient way and don’t let your robot get stuck or lost in any particular place of your house.

Through mobile app, you can use scheduled mapping option that informs robot to clean the room in a specified time. There is no chance of colliding with any obstacles such as furniture and cords.

How much time needed for robot vacuum to map my house completely?

The time taken to navigate your house completely depends on the home area and the navigation type of your robot vacuum cleaner. You just need to scan the house at the time of very first use. So generally it takes few hours to map your house completely.

Is it possible to check the real time map that following by my robot vacuum?

yes, you can track real time cleaning of your robot vacuum through the mobile app that compatible with robot. You can create custom map of your house, check the cleaning history and also create no-go zones using mobile app.

What happens if I changed the position of furniture in my house?

At that case you need to re-navigate your entire house once using your robot vacuum cleaner to avoid colliding obstacles or damage furniture at your home. You can also schedule mapping and restricted areas through mobile app too.

What are the drawbacks of Robot Vacuum Mapping?

If you are using robot vacuum with camera navigation, then it not map your house if the room is dark. Also the sensors are not too perfect as it may not assure 100% accuracy. If you change the position of your furniture at your home, your robot unable to update the map in real time.

Robot Vacuum Navigation Technologies Different Types

There are mainly three types of mapping technologies available till today in basic to advanced robot vacuum models. So we will discuss about each method clearly.

Gyroscope or accelerometer based Navigation

Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors calculate the distance, direction and position of objects present on floor in the entire house.

This navigation presents in basic models which are more affordable as it won’t provide precise mapping of your house and somewhat weaker than other navigation technologies.

Camera based Navigation

This type of navigation uses a small digital camera to scan your house by capturing photos completely and remembers the landmarks of the house to do cleaning without forgetting routes.

Generally, the camera present at front of robot vacuum cleaner. It works better compared to gyroscope technology. It has a drawback that it unable to perform cleaning in dark rooms but some high-end models offers light source to overcome this issue.

LiDAR based Navigation

LiDAR means Light Detection and Ranging. It uses laser sensors to scan the house while cleaning. It emits a laser pulse and measures the time takes to pulse to return back to it. By this, it analyze the distance, direction and position of rooms and obstacles.

Robot follows a systematic pattern of cleaning unlike random cleaning which results in accurate cleaning not leaving any space remains uncleaned. Till now, LiDAR technology is the most precise and accurate technology of mapping.

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Combined Navigation Technologies

Some robot vacuum cleaners offers more than one navigation technology integrated in it. This combo provides more efficient and accurate cleaning of your house. But this type of robots may little bit expensive compared to other.

Conclusion: So, Finally it’s up to you for choosing the robot vacuum cleaner with the navigation technology from different available options for successful syncing of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mapping.

If you are looking for affordable option then go with Gyroscope navigation type or you are looking for most precise and accurate navigation type, then it’s definitely LiDAR Navigation.

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