2 in 1 mode in Robot Vacuum Cleaner and How does it works

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Now no need to reset your robotic vacuum cleaner every time to change the cleaning mode from dry cleaning to wet cleaning according to the surface. Most of the cleaners providing 2 in 1 mode or simply say Vacuum & Mop option.

Through this article, know about 2 in 1 mode technology and How does it works followed by it’s benefits in robot vacuum cleaners.

What is 2 in 1 mode in Robot Vaccum

Technology and the revolution started towards robotic vacuum cleaners as it saves time and efforts for cleaning the house without participation of a human. So they are developers are developing special features to attract the customers and to make work more simpler.

2 in 1 mode in Robotic Vacuum
2 in 1 mode Robot Vacuum

2 in 1 mode in robotic vacuum cleaner refers to both Vacuum and Mop. One side of cleaner contains Vacuum and Mop on other side to perform both the tasks at a time.

How Robot Vaccum 2 in 1 mode Works

Mostly 2 in 1 mode robotic vacuum cleaners comes with dual attachment as we already discussed. Vacuum side uses the powerful suction to clean the dust, debris, pet hair and some waste materials.

Mopping side cleans the wet surfaces or wet waste like spills and wash it down using mop and also it contains adjustable water flow to wash any type of strains.

Robotic Vacuum cleaners uses and works with smart navigation and mapping technology to clean the home. Also it provides anti-collision and anti-falling features to protect the vacuum and mop and the furniture of house from damage.

Now let’s have a look to use or enable 2 in 1 mode in your robotic vacuum cleaner for performing both the tasks at a time.

How to enable 2 in 1 mode in Robotic Vaccum

  1. Fix dual attachment of robotic vacuum cleaner before cleaning
  2. Fill the Water tank and clean dustbin box and fix it to cleaner
  3. Place the cleaner where you want to clean the mop and sweep the floor
  4. Select 2 in 1 mode from control panel or use remote control
  5. Vacuum cleaner starts mopping and sweeping at a time

Note: Place the vacuum head in forward side as it sweeps the floor first then mop washes the floor later which makes the cleaning more better.

Benefits of 2 in 1 mode of Robotic Vacuum cleaner

  • It saves your lot of time and effort as there is no need to sweep and mop your floor separately.
  • Cleans the floor more better as both the sides of cleaner works together
  • Easy to use and you just need to fix the attachment and fill the water tank
  • More Convenient as you can schedule the cleaning

What is 3 in 1 mode in Robotic Vacuum cleaner?

3 in 1 mode refers to sweep, mop and disinfectant the floor at a time. It is slightly different from 2 in 1 mode. It works using dry suction of vacuum, mop and UV sanitization to clean the house.

Through this disinfectant mode, you no need to add any extra disinfectant liquid in water as it decrease the working of cleaner gradually. It is much safer and better to use but available in very less robotic vacuum cleaners, so check it before buying.

What are the drawbacks using 2 in 1 mode in Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

As it performs both sweeping and mopping at a time, you need to refill the water tank repeatedly if the area of your floor is large, otherwise it not mops the floor if water gets empty and may leads to functionality damage. Also you need to replace mop pad if you are using 2 in 1 mode daily.

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