eWay Bill Part A Slip Complete Details to Know

Every goods may move to new location and exceed limit by GST office must possess an eWay bill part slip. These aren’t electronic bills that ensure the movement of goods registered with the GST office by providing the respective GSTIN number or Trans ID. As well no goods allowed to move for inert-state or any

What is eWay Bill and Parts of Eway Bill with Validity

Electronic Way bill is popularly and briefly known as eWay Bill which is an electronic and online generated bill associated with the procurement of goods, services. In case if there is a sale of goods, movement of goods from one location to another for sales or purchase or any other reasons then an electronic bill

How to Generate eWay Bill – Why eWay Bill Required

Defined process presented to generate eway bill, Check how to generate e way bill and why required to generate… eWay is an electronic bill that is generated for the movement of Goods. Any person having registration with GST cannot transport goods in their vehicle. This value does exceed more than 50,000 value. eWay bill must

What is a Pay Stub – Complete Info with all definitions

Pay Stub is a part of paychecks that do have an entire list of employees with their salary information. It is used to disburse their pay. This only organizes the pay earned by the employee and itemizes the earning per their yearly date. Deduction such as taxes and other stuff easily determines in Paystub. This

Hard Money Loan Calculator – How does Hard Money Calci Works

Try to check your eligibility on Hard money loan calculator before buying a house or a property… Are you looking to flip a property in sometime. In the near future then it might be a huge help for you to get a loan for the house and that is when something called hard money can

KSEB Online Payment at Quick Pay Portal or Mobile App

Now make your KSEB online payment at quick pay portal using UPI or net banking or credit/debit card gateways, Check how to pay through KSEB mobile app and with Amazon pay or PayTM… Kerala State Electricity Board formed by Kerala State Government under the Electricity act 1948. KSEB determined to generate, transmit and distribute the