HSBC Credit Card Payment Online in 5+ Ways

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HSBC Credit card payment through Net Banking, Bill Desk, Mobile Banking, also through Paytm and freecharge. Enjoy lot of offers and cashbacks by using HSBC credit card...

There are numerous ways to make the HSBC Credit Card Payment and clear your outstanding dues. HSBC is an authorized Indian Subsidiary of United Kingdom based HSBC and was established in 1853. In India the bank is operating under RBI regulation to function and provide various services to the customer.

Every customer who is a part of HSBC Bank can make use of the different services that fall under their account area. The HSBC Credit Card is a service which is provided to customers based on their financial transaction which can be either from the same HSBC Bank or any other bank. The services for HSBC Credit Card can be availed through online mode which might be checking the status or paying the bill.

NameHongKong and Shanghai Bank Corporation Limited
ServiceBanking Service
Toll Free numberWithin India: 18002673456, 1800 121 2208
From Overseas: +914061268002, +918071898002
HSBC Credit Card Payment Online
HSBC Credit Card Payment Online

HSBC Credit Card Payment Online through Net Banking

The HSBC Credit Card Payment can be processed through the Net banking services provided by HSBC bank to the customer. Here is the detailed process that you need to follow to clear your HSBC Credit Card outstanding dues.

  1. Visit the official website of HSBC bank or go through this link form your browser
  2. Tap on login button and then provide your login credentials
  3. Click on Menu and then select Cards section to display on screen
  4. Choose Credit Card from list and select your respective card from page
  5. Tap on Pay and Transfer, then enter the outstanding amount to pay
  6. Accept the request and make the payment from your account

That’s it, HSBC Credit Card Payment processed by deducting the due amount from your HSBC account. An confirmation will be sent to your number or email once the payment is processed as successful.

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HSBC Credit Card Payment Bill desk

Customers can also use Bill Desk to pay their HSBC Credit Card outstanding dues cleared. Make sure you follow these steps and get your outstanding dues cleared.

  1. Use the link HSBC to visit the bill desk from the HSBC bank
  2. Click on Pay Now button and enter your requested details here
  3. Enter your card number, email ID, mobile number, and account number
  4. Submit the request after filling the details and proceed to payment
  5. Click on Pay button and use your any mode of payment to clear dues
  6. That’s it, Once the HSBC Card Payment outstanding cleared, you will receive an SMS to your registered mobile number.

HSBC Credit Card Online Payment through Mobile Banking

Card payment can also processed through Mobile Banking by using the HSBC provided Application. It would require your mobile banking credentials to access the mobile App.

  1. Get the HSBC mobile App in your device and tap on it to open
  2. Enter your credentials and access the mobile banking page
  3. Go to credit Card section and then click on Payment button
  4. Select the payment amount and click on submit button
  5. Once confirmed, your payment will processed, and the amount deducted from your HSBC account. On confirmation, your HSBC Credit Card dues will cleared and updating balance viewed from the credit card section.

The Credit Card payment processed through PayTM mobile application, which can also process through online website.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment through PayTM

  1. Launch the Paytm Application in your device or in the browser
  2. Login with your phone number
  3. Go to services and click on Cards to select the credit card option
  4. Select HSBC as bank and then enter your credit card details
  5. Enter the outstanding amount to be paid
  6. Click on Proceed for payment and select the payment option
  7. Once payment processed, confirmation messages will shown on your screen and the same amount will loaded in your credit card instantly.

FreeCharge, well-known used payment application which provides different services for convenience of the customers.

HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment through Free Charge

  1. Visit the official website or launch the freecharge in your device
  2. Login with your mobile number and select the card payment service
  3. Select credit card payment and select HSBC from the drop-down list
  4. Enter your HSBC Credit Card number and details in the column
  5. Fill the outstanding due amount and tap on to pay
  6. Select the mode of payment and process the payment
  7. That’s it, your HSBC credit card payment through freecharge processed and you will receive an SMS once the amount has credited in your card account.

Can HSBC Credit Card Payment be done through offline mode?

Yes, the payment for the HSBC Credit Card can be processed offline by visiting the HSBC bank branch or through cheque or draft slip. Customers can also visit HSBC bank ATM and various bill payment centres to clear your HSBC Credit Card outstanding dues.

When Does HSBC Credit Card Statement generate?

The statement for your HSBC Credit Card will be generated every month on the same date once you have utilized the HSBC Credit Card payment amount. The bill generation will be smart every month and the bill payment need to be processed within 15 days of bill generation. Customers need to check their SMS alert or net banking page to check the bill generated date and statement.

Can HSBC Credit Card payment be processed through Auto Debit?

Yes, customers who do use their HSBC Credit Card regularly can get to the bank to enable the auto debit form needs to be provided to the Bank with your HSBC Credit Card details along with ECS form to deduct the amount on due date to clear your outstanding dues.

Why does HSBC Credit Card Due must be cleared?

The HSBC Credit Card dues must be cleared within the due date as shown for your outstanding dues. The amount needs to be cleared and if these have been missed, the customer will be charged with an extra penalty and any legal action will be processed if the amount is not cleared within 3 to 4 months of due date.

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