Credit Card Dimensions, Size and Thickness of King Size Credit Card

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Detailed information of Credit Card Size like Height, width and Thickness measurements of King Size Credit Card and also reason for the same size of Credit Cards…

If you have observed the Credit card size which is absolutely the same irrespective of any bank issued from. As well, every Credit Card does get the same look and is always fascinating to touch.

The barcode details behind the black strip of your Credit Card does have the entire details of your credit service, which is when swipe will fetch your details and with a PIN number it makes you use your credit amount.

Never think that you have a different size of card, as it is the same for everyone and it makes it easier to find it from your pocket or purse. Have you ever thought about the shape of a King size credit card and the thickness.

Credit Card Size

Size MeasurementsHeightWidthThickness
Credit card size in Millimeter (mm)53.9885.61.588
Credit Crad size in Centimeter (cm)5.48.560.159
Pixels (72 DPI)225242.644.5
Pixels (300 DPI)637.5101118.75

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What is Thickness of Credit Card

This is a major question, as Credit Cards are being designed to carry easily with multiple cards and even should not look bolder in size. These is same made little durable plastic, which make it stronger and does also allow it to hold code that may used when the credit card swiped

  • The thickness of Credit Card is 0.03 Inch or 0.76 Millimetres

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Credit Card Size

What is King Size Credit Card

The standard size or King size credit card is the same for every bank and it usually gave mag strip or magnetic strip on the back which makes it a standard size. As every card needs to be inserted into a machine whose size is equal all around the world.

  • The standard size of CC is CR80 which accepted by all money acting machine
  • Money based cards do have a standard size and whereas the other cards which are issued by banks do have some thicker or thinner size.

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Credit Card Dimensions

There are four different dimensions of a Credit Card which are approved and seen in the world which are issued by different banks.

  • ID- 000, ID- 1 , ID- 2 and ID- 3 are four dimensions and Credit Card
  • The most standard dimension is ID- 1 which referred as CR80. It used by banker which can insert into money lending machine

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Reason for Credit Card Same Dimension

There are major factors that forced to have a unique Credit Card by every banker or financial institute. Which can clear by viewing these below details.

  • Having an irrespective size of CC will not allow them to get manage in your wallet
  • The wallet size kept in pocket or anywhere designed same as they already know the definite size of CC
  • It makes business to manufacture the machine which can read your Credit Card and debit your money
  • The card readers are simply designing with unique software and make you use your Credit Card anywhere in the world

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Is the Debit Card and Credit Card size the same?

Yes, the card which is issued by a bank which might be debit or credit is the same. as both cards are required to swipe in the card reader during your transaction to deduct any amount from your respective card. Irrespective size of these cards will be confusing and will require two different sizes of machines to be used by the businessperson.

Does the Credit Card have changed from past years?

No, the Credit Card size and dimension is absolutely the same from the start of its manufacture. The material which is used is being revised to make the Credit Card stronger even with the thicker size and normal dimension to be carried in your pocket.

Why is my Credit Card thicker in size?

There are some business Credit Cards which cannot be swept in the card reader but are issued to the customer that can only be used at some swiping machine. Thus at such conditions the Credit Cards are made little thicker to make them look different in look.

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