RBI Complaint or Banking Ombudsman Grievance Online

Reserve Bank of India has brought a complaint management system through the online website to address the grievances against different financial transactions and institutions.

This website does offer you links to raise a complaint against any financial service provider which includes Banks, Non-Banking companies, Financial Institutions and any related to finance. Along with the complaint management system, the Reserve Bank of India has also introduced an interactive voice Response system that helps to track the status of the Complaints.

As the days are increasing the process and the nature of resolving the grievances has been increased. The complaint page is being created in a very friendly manner, such that anyone having an issue with Banks or its services can visit these websites and lodge a complaint in a quick way.

If you have any complaint to be raised with the Reserve Bank of India for any of the banks or its related services, that can be done by following the below-given steps.

How to File Grievance in Reserve Bank of India

  • Visit the Reserve Bank of India Complaint Management System Site
  • Use the link cms.rbi.org.in in your URL bar to visit the website page
  • Now click on File a Complaint and before that select your Language
  • Use English or any preferred language from top right corner of page
  • Select Type OF entity as Bank or Non-banking from drop down
  • Enter your communication details and select the date of complaint
  • File all your details by pressing on next and filing respective details
  • At the end click on checkbox in Declaration page and press next
  • Here fill the Nomination Details on whom the complaint is raised
  • Attach an photocopy of complaint issue and click on submit button
  • That’s it! The Reserve Bank of India will get you a complaint number based on your details and an auto generated message will be sent to your mobile number based on your complaint track.

Reserve Bank of India Complaint

The complaint forum from the Reserve Bank of India has been designed very well which does designate directly to the respective area office to act against whomever by collecting every required details.

Type of entity: this is an option which needs to be filled by selecting the name of Bank or Non-Banking Financial Company or any system participant. Respective category of your complaint to be released for the person or company needs to be selected.

Lodge Complaint: These tabs need to be filled with the details of your Bank and mobile number along with the BOX office to which the complaint is going to be assigned. These regional offices of the Reserve Bank of India will be in charge for your issue that you’re going to raise.

Complaint Detail: In these tabs of the grave, the individual needs to enter third details which must have their name, address, mobile number and other information as asked for communication.

Complaint Bank Details: here the details of your individual bank details must be entered through the issue has been raised. Select your account as Bank Account, Card or any other to enter their respective details in these tabs for connection.

Declaration: The Declaration is asked from the one who is raising the complaint and will have to be correct as per their previous tabs filled. Based on these declarations, the Reserve Bank of India will agree that the above said details are correct and further action can be processed.

Nomination: here details of the persons on whom the complaint is being raised must be filled. Their details along with the communication address and location of that individual must be entered here.

Attachments: any attachments of the grievances or the record of any misuse of your bank details which has been taken under photocopy must be attached here. Based on the photocopy it will be easier for the official to process your request in a quick way.

Complaints raised from the CMS website will be official and individuals must be patient as the regional office will first look at the complainant details to verify if that is correct and only then will the request be processed as a complaint.

How to Track the Reserve Bank of India Complaint

Anyone who has used the Reserve Bank of India Complaint Management System can track their request by using the complaint number. One can anytime track and check the status of what is being done with their complaint.

  • Visit the homepage of your Reserve Bank of India CMS
  • Here click on Track Your Complaint link in the home page
  • Now enter your Complaint Number and click on Search button
  • The details of your request will be displayed on screen
  • Based on information shown, individual can take further step
  • That’s it! the individual can check their status of their request with the CMS and will timely notify you of your registered mobile number. It makes the process easier by timely informing the complainant about the issue.

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