How to Close HDFC Bank Account (Verified Steps)

How to close HDFC Bank account will inform you simply and Toll Free number for closure status enquiry…

HDFC Bank is one of the largest Banks India which does provide various services to their customers. The Banking services such as saving account, private banking, corporate banking, credit card service and many are provided by the HDFC Bank.

The recent update and through the guidelines from the Reserve bank of India, the HDFC Bank has implemented minimum balance for savings account holders.

Customers have to keep minimum balance in their accounts and if account holders don’t have the required minimum balance, then HDFC Bank will penalize them with applicable charges. This has made many customers close their HDFC account and even if they have multiple bank accounts in different banks.

HDFC Bank Account

In recent updates from Banks, the Government has asked to have one account for one individual, whereas the multiple accounts can closed and individuals maintain a single account using HDFC Bank registered mobile number.

If you wish to close the HDFC Bank account, then the customer can choose the simplest way to get rid of the excess penalty. If a customer is not able to maintain the minimum balance, then it requested to close the account to avoid the penalty and loss of money.

Steps to Close HDFC Bank Account

Here are the steps that a customer has to choose when they are trying to close their account in HDFC Bank.

  1. Withdraw balance amount from your account

    Customers have to move their cash from the account either by sending to their other account or by withdrawing from the HDFC Bank ATM.

  2. Get Closer form from Bank branch

    Once the entire amount is cleared, the customer has to visit HDFC Bank and get the Closure form at the reception.

  3. Fill form with required details

    The customer has to fill the form with all their account details and personal details.

  4. Closer form also available in online

    Else customers can also get the HDFC Bank account closure account from HDFC online website.

  5. Submit form along with debit card, passbook and cheque book in bank

    The filled in closer form has to be submitted at the HDFC Bank branch with their debit card, passbook and cheque book.

  6. Also attach a ID proof for your identity

    An ID proof has to be attached with the application form, to prove the identity of the customer.

  7. Account will be closed within 10 days after successful verification

    The account closure process will be processed and thus after successful verification, the bank account will be closed within 10 days of document submission at the bank.

HDFC Bank Account Closure Toll Free

HDFC Bank brings the 1800221006 as the toll free number allocated to report an enquiry about the bank account closure. Customers can anytime reach to customer care executives and get their doubts clear for closing an account in HDFC Bank. In future as well, customers can use their account number to ensure their account details fully cleared form HDFC Bank. Ref: HDFC Bank closure form.

  1. Can I close my HDFC Bank Credit Card?

    Yes, the customers who have availed the credit card either form their HDFC Bank account or without the account. Then the customer can just pay the full outstanding balance and contact the credit and customer service to request for the closure of the credit card.

  2. Can I close HDFC Bank account Online?

    No, the bank account closure form HDFC Bank, is only to be processed through Offline process. HDFC Bank brings various services online but the bank account closure has to be carried out form their nearest HDFC Bank. Customers can get the Closer form downloaded online but it should be submitted at the bank branch.

  3. Will my HDFC Bank account freeze if there is no minimum balance?

    In case, if the customer has not maintained the minimum balance in their HDFC Bank account. The customer will be penalized with the applicable charges but their account will be still active and open for the banking services.

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