How to Activate SBI Debit Card by SMS Simply

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Got a new debit card from SBI, Just check the simple process about how to activate SBI debit card by SMS to avoid visiting ATM near by…

State Bank of India does provide an Debit card for their account holders, whenever they have opened the account in any of the branch or have request the duplicate card in past days. The SBI ATM PIN used to be sent along through the Debit card in the courier package.

To reduce the paper wastage and even to have a secure way of debit card transaction. The PINK slip has been stopped to send with debit card. Every transaction which is made using the debit card will debit the amount from your savings account. State bank of India urges their customers to set a hard four digit number for their debit card. To make it secure, such that only the account holder uses it when needed to debit money from ATMs.

Toll free numbers18002100, 1800112211, 18004253800
Activate SBI Debit Card by SMS
Activate SBI Debit Card by SMS

How to Activate SBI Debit Card by SMS

State Bank of India will send the debit card of their customer to their corresponding address as mentioned in the Bank. The customer can use the below given process to get their Debit card activated. Make sure your mobile number is registered with bank, as the SBI SMS process will be only accessible for the registered customers.

  1. Send SMS with your registered mobile number to 567676 as “PIN”
  2. Customer will receive the code which will be activated for 24 hours. Then customers can locate and reach the nearest ATM of State Bank of India.
  3. Inset your Debit Card in the ATM counter and then select the PIN change option
  4. Enter the confirmation PIN received to your registered mobile number.
  5. Customers can now choose to change their PIN if required or the same four digit PIN will be set for their debit card.
  6. That’s it, The State Bank of India Debit card will be sent to activation and will be accessible through the four digit PIN that has been generated.

Can I activate the State Bank of India Debit Card from another Bank ATM?

To be precise the debit card services for State Bank of India, will only be accessible at their particular ATM except the money transaction. Thus to activate or deactivate or to add numbers, customers have to reach the State Bank of India ATM for processing.

When does the State Bank of India Debit Card Activation PIN expire?

Once a customer sends an SMS to the State Bank of India allocated number, a PIN will be sent to the registered mobile and will be only active for 24 hours. This customer has to reach the nearest ATM for activation within these 24 hours of time.

How to activate International Transaction on SBI Debit Card?

The activation of international transactions on State Bank of India Debit cards can be done by contacting the customer service. The activation will be done in quick time, once the customer confirms their identity and provides their debit card details.

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