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Check the main use of IP address. Just know about What is login and simple guide for How to access router through it…

The Default IP address for the Internet connectivity through router is, which is commonly used to connect to router. The IP address does load the Login page of the router and then it prompts the user to fill their user credentials.

Most commonly when it is required to reset the WiFi password or do some network changes in Router, these addresses have to be used.

These IP addresses have to be wisely utilized, as any mismatch in its numeric values, will end up landing you in the error page. To access the router’s control panel regularly, you must remember these default IP addresses.

What is

The Internet Protocol Address is a series of numbers. This is assigned to devices such as printers, computers, mobile devices and other commonly used routers. The network here must use these internet protocols to connect to the devices. Here the network is used for two primary items as network identification and location addressing.

IP address such as is referred as they have eight positions and they form binary digits of 32 bits. The form of each binary digit can be form 1  or r or any numeric code. There are as well a few restricted IP addresses that can used by anyone such as and

This are primarily used for default address and network broadcasts respectively.  There can be 4.3 billion values passed in these octets to form an eight digit Internet protocol address.

IP addressUser namePasswordLogin %  –10%  –2% for Router Access Router Access

How to Access router through Login

Try to connect with your Router Wi-Fi if possible or be in the range of Wi-Fi network coming from router. Below are the steps which you can follow to connect to your router

  1. Enter the IP address in URL bar and search
  2. Let the page load and then wait for your router login page to display
  3. Here provide the default credentials or your credentials to access
  4. Once successfully, you will be able to view network page of router

These way users can change and modify their router connectivity as well check that is accessing their network along with various other details.

What are the most commonly used Credentials for

The Default IP address does land you to the credentials page of your router. The most commonly used credentials are admin for username and admin for password. These credentials are to be changed once the default login has been successfully done.

What is IP Address

Users can directly use these form their browser URL bar and go to load the router default login page.

Can we do change password?

Yes, you may use the settings page for changing the password and you can easily restricted to use it for only your family members.

Is there any option called show password?

Yes, In router there is a option called show password for knowing the password and we can find it on settings page.

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