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Have a look at latest Chase Swift Code for International Money Transfer and to Federal Reserve Bank along with larger corporations and financial institutions…

When you are trying to attempt a wire transfer from banks such as JPMorgan Swift Bank, then you might notice that in order to ensure the proper confirmation and transaction happen to the correct bank account with the money, one has to provide Swift code of the recipient bank.

So if you are a Chase Bank owner who wants to receive money internationally or even nationally, then you should ensure that you are aware of your bank’s swift code and share it with the sender for proper transaction to your account.

Chase Swift Code

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So let us get in depth with different services offered by the JPMorgan swift bank and what would be the correct Swift Code for each service that you can use depending on your requirement.

  • CHASUS33XXX (Chase International Wire transfer Swift code): This is the main Chase Bank Swift Code for international wire transfers to all kinds of accounts, including both personal and company account holders.
  • CHASUS33IMT: This Swift Code is only valid for transfers to Chase Bank accounts in the United States and is used for International Money Transfers (IMTs).
  • CHASUS33FED: This Swift Code is used for wire transfers to the Federal Reserve Bank and is commonly used by large corporations or financial institutions to make payments to or receive funds from government agencies

Chase International Wire Transfer Swift Code (Primary Code)

Though the main SWIFT code Chase or BIC code for JPMORGAN Chase Bank is CHASUS33XXX, you will want to make different online transactions and in order to help with such different banking service, Chase Bank has different Swift codes. So, in this article we will help you with the different Chase Bank Swift Codes for banking services as above.

In this modern world, both national and international transactions have become very common and it has become an easy means for either business owners or individuals to send and receive money with ease and accuracy. So, Lets check above and below for other bank Swift codes.

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Is Chase Swift code the same for all branches?

The Chase bank Swift Code for each Chase Bank branch is unique. However, all branches use the same primary Swift Code, which is CHASUS33. So, if you’re making an international wire transfer to a Chase Bank account, you can use this Swift Code for all branches in the United States.

What is Chase IBAN number?

Chase Bank does not use IBAN numbers. Instead, it uses routing numbers and account numbers for identifying bank accounts.

How to Find Chase Swift Code?

Your Chase Swift Code can be found by checking your bank statement, visiting the Chase Bank website, or contacting Chase Bank customer service. You can also use online search engines that specialize in finding Swift Codes for banks.

Which bank SWIFT code CHASUS33?

CHASUS33 is the Swift Code used for JPMorgan Chase Bank in the United States.

Is SWIFT code the same for all branches?

No, the Swift Code Chase for each bank branch is unique. However, some larger banks may have a single Swift Code that can be used for all branches.

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