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Try to check your eligibility on Hard money loan calculator before buying a house or a property…

Are you looking to flip a property in sometime. In the near future then it might be a huge help for you to get a loan for the house and that is when something called hard money can come into the picture.

Hard money loans not just for houses, but loans given out on properties and collectibles where the loan approval process rather depends on the property but not on buyer.

Though the buyer first needs to meet the require qualification for a loan. But the loan amount provides may dependent on the property. Its status of repair and more works may done and help youHard, Money, Loan, Calculator, lenders, do, calculate, lending, interest, to get a more reasonable amount for the purchase on the go.

In this article, 25penny will be explaining to you how a normal hard money loan calculator works.

Hard Money Loan Calculator Work

Since you are moving forward to buy a house or a property then you need to look at the loan amount you will receive based on the hard money calculator that we have explained below.

  1. Purchase Price: The price of your property or house purchase is the most important factor on which the whole calculator works, assume this to be 1,00,000 INR Rupees.
  2. Repair: If there are any additional repair costs then assume it to be 15,00 INR Rupees
  3. After Repair Value: What would the cost increase after the repair done may assumed to be 3,00,000 INR Rupees
  4. Loan Term: Loan terms can be between 1 – 24 months but let us take 24 months as the highest here
  5. Interest Rate: Common interest rates are between in the range of 7% – 15%, so we take 10% here
Hard Money Loan Calculator
Hard Money Loan Calculator

Depending on the above value assumptions

  1. Loan Amount: The hard money loan approved is going to be 2,00,000 INR
  2. Cash to Buyer At Closing (If Any) can be at 1,20,000 INR
  3. Up Front cost is 15,000 INR
  4. Interest can be 20,000 INR
  5. Then the total loan processed is going to be 1,55,000 INR.

And this is how the hard money lenders calculator works.

How does a hard money loan work?

It depends on a lot of varying costs that includes the cost or purchase value of the property, repair costs, cost of the house after sale, interest rate and the loan term on these the hard money loan may calculate which works the same as any other mortgage but it more dependant towards the property resale or upsell value that the buyer or the seller is looking forward to work on.

Is it hard to get a hard money loan?

No, firstly the buyer has to qualify to get a mortgage loan. Then they can apply for Hard money loan which depends as the approvals depending on the property value made as transaction.

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