Citibank Swift Code USA & Different Countries for International Bank Transactions

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In this article, we will go over the Citibank swift codes USA and also for different countries around the world where customers need their swift code for international transactions…

International transactions are important because you have to ensure both the money sender and receiver has to have proper account details along with the banks swift code to ensure that the money is transferred correctly.

Now, if you are a Citibank customer who is going to either send or receive money internationally, then you need to ensure you know about your Citibank swift codes.

Citibank Swift Code
Citibank Swift Code

Citibank Swift Code USA

The Citibank swift code for international wire transfer in USA is CITIUS33. All Citibank customers from different countries can use the below Citibank Swift code that can help them to send and receive money internationally. Also, there are different Citibank Swift Codes for countries that we have listed below some of the countries swift codes.

Citibank Swift Code

CountrySwift Code
United States of America (USA)CITIUS33
United Kingdom (UK)CITIGB2L
South AfricaCITIZAJX
United Arab EmiratesCITIAEAD

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Can I use the same Citibank SWIFT code for all international transactions?

No, you must use the SWIFT code for the Citibank branch and country with which you are dealing. Using the incorrect SWIFT code can cause delays or failed transactions.

Are there any fees associated with using Citibank’s SWIFT code?

Fees for using Citibank’s SWIFT code for international transactions, such as wire transfer or foreign currency conversion fees, may apply. It is best to confirm any fees that may apply with Citibank or your local branch.

How do I find the SWIFT code for my Citibank branch?

You can use online SWIFT code lookup tools to find the code based on the Citibank branch’s country and city. Also, you can contact Citibank customer service or check with your local Citibank branch to find the SWIFT code for your specific Citibank branch.

Do I need a SWIFT code for all international transactions with Citibank?

Yes, you will need the correct SWIFT code for Citibank to ensure the success of your international transactions.

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