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In this article we will learn more information about how you can find your Walmart receipt using different methods. We will also discuss more about the Walmart receipt and what information it contains along with activation and app details.

You always leave Walmart with a small piece of paper after completing a transaction, this often-overlooked item contains more information than you might think.

The Walmart receipt is more than simply a record of your purchase; it also contains a plethora of useful information about your shopping trip.

walmart receipt
Walmart Receipt

Walmart Receipt Lookup

Use your account to locate a Walmart store receipt by reading the below steps

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “Account” and look for “Purchase History” or “Order History.”
  3. Search or filter for the specific purchase you need the receipt for.
  4. Click on the purchase to view the order details.
  5. Print or download the receipt from the options provided. Guest Order Lookup

If you made a purchase on Walmart’s website as a guest (without creating an account), you can try using Walmart’s Guest Order Lookup tool to get Walmart receipt.

  1. Go to website
  2. Look for the “Guest Order Lookup” or similar option.
  3. Enter the order number, date of purchase, and last four digits of the payment method.
  4. Click “Lookup” or “Find Order.”
  5. If the information matches, you’ll be directed to the order details page.
  6. Click to print or download Walmart receipt

Walmart Receipt QR Code

The Walmart Receipt QR code with purchase details is present on the Walmart receipt. There are many uses for this QR code, including making returns easier, validating the transaction, and getting more information about the purchase.

  • Purchase Details
  • Transaction Identification
  • Return or Refund Information
  • Loyalty Program Data
  • Additional Data

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How to Activate Walmart Gift Card Without Receipt

To activate a Walmart gift card without a receipt, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit a Walmart store.
  2. Go to the customer service desk.
  3. Explain that you need to activate a Walmart gift card without a receipt.
  4. Provide any information you have about the gift card, such as the gift card number.
  5. Present a valid form of identification.
  6. Follow any additional instructions given by the customer service representative.
  7. Once the gift card is verified, it should be activated for use.

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Walmart Receipt App for Android and iOS

Through their normal Walmart app for Android and iOS devices, Walmart offers electronic receipts. Here is a brief guide on how to download Walmart – Service Receipts app for Android and iOS.

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Walmart app.
  2. Within the app, log in or create a account.
  3. In the settings or account preferences for the app, enable electronic receipts.
  4. Visit a Walmart location, make a purchase, and give your registered phone number or email address.

What if I lost my Walmart receipt and paid cash

Visit the Walmart store where you made the purchase and explain the situation to customer service. They may assist you with a duplicate receipt or proof of purchase.

What is Walmart receipt generator

Using a Walmart receipt generator to create fake receipts is illegal and unethical.

If Walmart receipt lookup is not working what should do

If Walmart’s receipt lookup tool is not working, try again later or contact Walmart customer service for assistance.

How do I look up a Walmart receipt

Visit Walmart’s website and use their receipt lookup tool or contact customer service with details of the purchase.

How do I print my Walmart receipt online

Log in to your account, go to your order history, locate the specific order, and use the print option in your browser to print the receipt.

Can you scan a Walmart receipt

Yes, you can scan a Walmart receipt using a QR code scanner app on your smartphone.

What are Walmart receipt codes

Walmart receipt codes are alphanumeric characters on the receipt that represent information about the purchase, such as items, prices, and discounts.

Is Walmart receipt lookup by serial number

Walmart typically does not offer receipt lookup based on the serial number of a product.

Can I return an item to Walmart without a receipt

Yes you can return your item without a receipt. Return process will be through the valid government issued photo ID because is already stored in the secured database of the store.

How to get a duplicate receipt from Walmart

It far easier for the people who needs duplicate receipt. Just login the Walmart account and click on the account option, select purchase history and find which item you need the duplicate receipt and click on View option.That’s you can easily get a duplicate receipt.

Do I have to show my receipt when leaving Walmart

No, you need not to show the receipt while leaving the Walmart. The employees in the Walmart will not force to show your receipt but they just ask your permission to check your bags.

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