S&T Online Banking Sign Up and Login Guide

S&T Bank is briefly known as the Savings and Trust company of Indiana in 1902, Bank has been serving their customers with various services for 100 years with a presence in the financial sector of Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

S&T online banking does provide various services in banking with giving a good impact for customers daily and thereby making it one of the well reputed banks, besides providing various services, the bank was recently given second place in Forbes as best bank in Pennsylvania.

In the present digital world, online banking is a major service which enhances the customer to get every option of banks used at their fingertips, and get a platform to manage your loans, accounts and other one single screen through the unique credentials provided by the bank.

S&T Banking Online Service

The S&T Bank does provide various services to the customer which they can access through the online account. All these services can be accessed through their login credentials activated using the S&T Bank page.

Mobile banking: Get access to the Mobile application along with web applications at your fingertips. These allow you to get used to transactions from mobile in an easy way.

Bill Payments: Get your Bills paid through the S&T Bank Online account instantly. Every bill payment will be recorded and will also remind you of their due in next consecutive month.

Online Statements: Get your statements for account as per your choice and get an overview of your spending through account. Statement can be taken as pdf or document for your reference on your transaction.

Money Transfer: Transfer Fund to anyone of your beneficiary account directly in quick steps through the S&T Bank Page. Get instant fund transfer without much difficulty through the online account and no extra approvals required, expect your transaction password.

Personal Finance: S&T Bank does allow you to manage mutual bank account in single pdf, which ensure you access very account form one page which make you easier for any financial transactions

Accounts alert: Get alerts such as email and text to your number or directly from the S&T Bank App which make you connected with the account the entire time. These get you alarmed with low balance or any amount deducted or credited into your account.

How to Sign Up S&T Bank Online Banking

As a customer of S&T Bank, you’re free to access the Online Banking page of S&T Bank which does make it easier to do your daily financial transactions. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get yourself registered with S&T Bank Online Banking.

  • Visit the official website of the S&T Bank using the link stbank.com
  • Click on Login button from top right corner of the page
  • Here click on ‘Not Registered? Sign Up Now’ and select the Account Type
  • Select form visa Check card, Checking, Savings or Money Market account
  • Agree the Terms & condition and then click on continue button to proceed
  • Now verification will be processed with your select account type
  • Make sure you select phone or type of verification to receive code

That’s it, Once verification is processed you will be successfully signed up with the S&T Bank online banking. Here on, you can use your credentials to access the S&T Bank Online Net banking page.

How to Login with S&T Bank

The active customers of S&T Bank can use the online portal to access the third online service. Here is a stepwise process to get yourself logged into the S&T Bank and does look at your home page to access the bank service.

  • Visit the official website of S&T Bank form your browser
  • Use stbank.com link to be pasted in URL bar to open page
  • Now click on Login button and then select your Account type
  • Enter your user id and click on Login button shown beside it
  • Click on continue with security code and use the options
  • Enter the OTP or Pin received and click on continue button
  • Once it is verified, the S&T Bank will be loaded with your profile details

That’s it, S&T Bank online login with Net banking has been logged in with your user ID and the security method. Customers can now access the various services using their official S&T Bank login credentials.

How to Reset your S&T Bank Password

In many cases people forget to logout from their S&T Bank Account and in such cases they are left with only the option to get the password reset. As well these forgotten password processes help you get your password changed if you have forgotten it.

  • Visit the website page of S&T Bank using your browser
  • Now click on Login button and then select Forgot Password link
  • Here enter your user id and then select the security code method
  • Once the identity is confirmed, an page to reset password will open
  • Now enter your password twice and click on confirm to proceed

That’s it! your password for the S&T Bank has been changed and you can now onward use these new passwords to access the online website page for S&T Bank Net Banking.

  1. How many branches does S&T Bank have?

    There are 61 active branches that are active and are working to service their customers. Customers can get their details from location and walk to the S&T Bank Branch to get your new account created.

  2. How to unlock S&T Bank Online banking account?

    In case if you have tried to enter your password wrongly for more than 3 times, your account with S&T Bank will be locked as a step for safety. The reset password option will get your new password created instantly or you can wait for quite some time to get your account auto unlocked.

  3. Can I reorder my cheque with an S & T Bank Online Account?

    The S&T Bank Online account will also give you an option to get your cheque reordered, and the checks that are issued can be taken back instantly without even walking to the branch office.

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