How to Write a Cheque for Safest Money Transfer / Payment

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Important fields for how to write a cheque with new process available. Find complete process of writing normal cheque and void cheque while writing it for safest form of payments for money transfer…

Cheque is something you might use for numerous times. But it sure does come in handy to make payments to individuals who do not have internet banking. Also most of the companies, banks and government organizations allow payments through cheque as a main form of money transfer. If this is your first time writing a cheque or a long time then you can follow our article.

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We discuss the process, how to write a cheque that anyone can learn with ease. Ensure that while following this article you use a blank page to learn the process. Else even if you use a cheque to learn. Then strike it off so it is not regarded in bank in anyways.

How to Write Cheque
How to Write Cheque

How to Write a Cheque

Let’s get through the process to understand how to write a cheque through the below instructions. Also check important fields of a cheque.

Before you go through the step by step process, you will have to understand what are the main fields of a cheque. What needs to be filled in there to write a proper check.

  1. Date: This date field is important as it helps the bank to understand the date when you have written the cheque. This date can differ from when you hand over the check to any individual.
  2. Pay To the Order Of: This field is the name of the person, bank, company or government organisation to whom you want to pay the amount mentioned in the cheque.
  3. Payment Amount in Numbers: The first field under the date has the currency of your country under which you have to enter the amount that has to be paid.
  4. Payment Amount in Words: The field below the Pay to the Order Of is where you have to enter your payment amount in words.
  5. Memo: This field is where you mention the reason for writing the cheque and this field is not on all bank checks.
  6. Signature: Under this field you will have to sign in order to confirm that the cheque has been written by you.

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Process of Writing a Cheque

Now that you understand the different fields of a cheque then you can now follow the instructions below that are clearly mentioned to help you learn about the process of writing a cheque.

  1. Enter the date under the “Date” field as it will help the bank understand when the cheque was written.
  2. Enter the “Pay to the Order Of” field where you will have to enter the name of any individual, company, organization of government to whom you want to make the payment towards.
  3. Provide the amount in numbers, Example $65 and then Enter the amount in words, Example Sixty Five Dollars
  4. Write the reason of the cheque in the memo field
  5. Sign in the Signature field

Once you have completed all the above steps you have to cross cheque once again for your reference and confirmation before sending it out or giving it to anyone.

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How to Write a Void Cheque

If you are applying for a loan from a bank then you will be asked to give a few void cheques. They are blank cheque with void written in capital over them. So you can follow the below steps to learn how to write a void cheque.

  1. Open a new cheque and write VOID in capital across the check
  2. The word void should be written in big letters that should cover most of the cheque

Important Points Regarding Writing a Cheque

If you are going to write a cheque then there are some simple things you need to remember. It can be of great help to you in the future.

  • cheque should be given to proper individuals, companies or government organization towards your payment goal
  • It cannot be written online and if done can be considered as fraud as well
  • cheques come in handy when you want to decide. Someone has to receive the payment from your bank to theirs
  • There should not be any strike off on your cheque. If there is any then it will be considered as a Void cheque.
  • A void cheque can be used to b given to any bank or finance service as proof of finances

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How do you write a cheque sample?

If you want to show a sample cheque to someone then you must write VOID in capital letters over it.

How do you write a cheque for $1200?

If you want to write a cheque for $1200 then open a new cheque and then enter the Amount in Numbers field as 1200. Then in the field Amount in Words you have to enter One Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars.

How do you write a cheque for $1000?

You can write a cheque for $1000 by writing 1000 in Amount in Numbers field. Write One Thousand Dollars in Amount in Words field.

Can you write a cheque at the bank?

Yes, you can use your cheque at the bank and write it there as well.

How to write a cheque in India?

The cheque writing process across the world is mostly the same. In India only the field Memo is not present in most of the bank cheques.

How to write a personal cheque?

There is not much difference between a personal check or any other cheque. In a personal check under the Pay to the Order of filed you will have to write the name of the person.

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