Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 14 Special and Essential Features to Know Before Buying

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There are lot of special features which makes the robotic vacuum cleaner a very unique and special cleaner when compared to regular vacuums.

You must check all the features of robotic vacuum cleaner before buying as there are lot of different varieties with different features available in the market.

You need to filter out the specifications and features as per your requirements before buying it. So lets have a look on different types of special features available in Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Special Features of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

As the grace of robotic vacuum cleaners is increasing in day to day life because of busy schedules of people and no time to perform their activities. Hence, the brands fretting to develop and customize the features in more advanced and convenient.

If we observe keenly, it all works on the new technology that taking boom in the whole world called Artificial Intelligence. To increase it’s working and functionality, some cleaners coming with cameras and it observes the surroundings and modifies settings by itself according to changes.

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Now we will discuss some special features in a detail way to understand more better:


Most of robotic vacuum cleaners are wireless and it makes your work easier and comfortable to clean the house wherever you want and safely too.

Light Weight

It comes with very less weight and precised size which makes it easy to handle at any place with less efforts

Obstacle avoidance

It is the best feature that robotic vacuum cleaner uses sensors and recognize the object infront of that to avoid the collision. This makes the device and home appliances safe without being damaged.

Pet Hair Pick up

It not only cleans the dirt but also picks the hair of pet from the floor.


Mainly portable robotic vacuum cleaners are wireless and light weight. These are used in cars, rooms, and in small areas to clean comfortably. Particularly to remove spills, pet hair and small debris.

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Powerful Suction

Robotic vacuum cleaners offers powerful suction to clean the floor very neatly and accurately. It even picks the hair of pet too. By this feature, your floor becomes completely dust free.

Smart Mapping

We can access and manage the cleaning area time to time by using the mobile apps that compatible with robotic vacuum cleaner. This will provide map of your house, cleaning areas, no-go zones and many more.

You just need to set the room priority and no-go zones and many more using this special feature.


It is very common that in home, that contains both dry and wet waste. Dry waste like dust and debris, similarly wet waste like spills, water on the floor or any other. It is difficult to change the settings every time when cleaning on particular surface.

But robotic vacuum cleaners uses powerful suction to clean dry waste and mops with reusable filters to clean wet waste. Also it cleans by itself by accommodating changes on the floor.

With/Without Mop

Some of the robotic vacuum cleaners comes with mop to wash the house. Also it contains a water container to store the water to spray on the floor. You can also manage water spraying range for cleaner.

But also cleaners available with 2 in 1 mode that can do both mopping and sweeping to clean the floors of house.

Shape Cleaning

To clean the floor completely without leaving any spaces, it uses a space cleaning mode. It looks like S pattern or random mode. It is preferable to use shape cleaning in large area floors.


You can schedule the cleaning of house mainly in a particular room if you are busy with some work in that room. Simply schedule the cleaning whenever you are free in that room.

By using the compatible app, set the timings and schedule the cleaning of each and every room as per your choice and need.

UV Sanitization

UV Sanitization is immensely powerful and useful for everyone as it cleans both visible and non-visible harmful dust and germs from the surface. Also no need to use any disinfectants additionally when scrubbing the floor.

Self Emptying

Some of the robotic vacuum cleaners comes with self emptying feature that it cleans the entire house and empty the dustbin by itself.

It identifies the dustbin and empty the container once it fills with any dust and waste material.

Auto Recharging

If robotic vacuum cleaner running down it’s battery while cleaning, it automatically go to charging board and charge itself first and then starts cleaning again. You no need to worry about it’s charging too.

Charging depends on run-time and area of your floor. But not all robotic vacuum cleaners provides this feature, so check it before purchase if you need.

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