Canara Bank Balance Check Number for Missed Call & SMS

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Note this Canara Bank balance check number to find account balance through Missed call or with SMS followed by customer care services for India and NRI / HNI customers…

Canara Bank is one of the leading Banks in India, which does provide a long list of services to their customers. The transactions made every day by the customers through their account are regularly updated in account. Canara Bank account balance check is also a service which is provided to customers, to let them be updated for their left over balance.

In the recent past, it was the customer who had to visit the Canara Bank branch. Stay in queues to know about their balance. There are multiple ways through which customers from Canara Bank can get their balance checked. The digitalization of the Banking services has evolved with multiple methods to connect with accounts using any smartphone device.

Canara Bank Balance Check Number

Canara Bank Balance Check Number

As we discussed, there are multiple methods that can be used by a customer of Canara Bank to know their balance. We will go through each process in detail and know how to check the Canara Bank balance with a number.

Missed call service from Canara Bank is the easiest way to get updat with the account balance. Customers who have their mobile number registered with the Canara Bank Account, can use the number to get the account balance.

Customer has to call this number and wait for its automatic disconnection. The call will disconnect within two rings and the text message with your account balance sent as a response. Canara Bank provides their services to NRI customers through missed call services also. They can call to any of the below numbers to get specified service and they get SMS according to their request.

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Canara Bank Missed Call Balance Enquiry

Missed call numberServices
+919015483483Balance Enquiry
+919015778668Home Loan for NRI Customers
+919015257257Home Loan for HNI Customers
+919015642642Car Loan Enquiry
+919015637637Home Loan Enquiry
+919015613613To Enquire the Balance for 3 Accounts in Hindi
+919015734734To Enquire the last 5 Transactions

Canara Bank Self-Registration with Number

Customers who have their account in Canara Bank and are using a debit card can use the online service to update their mobile number with the bank. This is a fully online process, which is must to avail the missed call or related number services.

  1. Launch the Canara Bank official website or go through this link
  2. Choose mobile number update link and provide your account number
  3. Fill the details and check your identity with debit card number
  4. Once verified, enter mobile number and update it for verification
  5. Fill OTP received in number and enter it for confirmation

That’s it, The mobile number will be updated in your account and in the next minute you customer the mobile number services provided by Canara Bank.

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Canara Bank Balance Check through Customer Service

In case you struggle to get the number updated or don’t receive a response even if your number is registered with Canara Bank. Then customer can use the toll free number provided by Canara Bank, to call a customer service executive and know your account balance.

Once a customer calls this number, the number linked with the account. The account balance will automatically spoken and the call transferred to the executive. He/She will update you with every details of the account. Here are the toll free numbers for whom calling from India

  • 18004250018
  • 18001030018
  • 18002083333
  • 180030113333
  • +918022064232 (For whom calling from outside India)

Canara Bank Balance Check SMS

Canara Bank provide SMS service to know your current/savings account balance. You have to send SMS to the number 9015734734 from your registered mobile number.

How to check Canara Bank Account Balance without Mobile Number?

The Canara Bank customer can get their balance check with multiple options that are provided by the bank. If you don’t have the mobile number registered with the bank, then the customer can use their customer ID to access the Net Banking page to know their balance.

Is there any number to get the last transaction from Canara Bank?

Canara Bank provides the 9015 734 734 allocated number for the last transactions made from an account. These numbers will be accessible only by the customers who have their number registered with the bank or the customer has to choose the Net banking option to get the last transactions.

Canara Bank updates about Canara Bank regularly?

Canara Bank does provide SMS alerts for customers who have their mobile number registered with their account. Any changes made in the account through credit of amount or debit of account, will be updated to the customer through SMS alert.

Can I register a mobile number through Customer service of Canara Bank?

The Canara Bank customers are advised to reach to the nearest Canara Bank branch or use their debit card at the ATM, to register the mobile number. There are no other authentication methods to register the mobile number.

Canara Bank balance check secured through number?

The Canara Bank balance check through their allocated number is processed by secured medium, as SMS response will be sent to customer only if a missed call is made from the registered mobile number. Bank does look at the security and only upon property verification, account details will be shared to the customer.

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