Applecare Protection Plan for MAC, iPhone and for Apple Products

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Apple offers an additional warranty called the AppleCare Protection Plan. Beyond the scope of the regular warranty, it offers additional coverage for hardware repairs and technical support.

With AppleCare, you may receive assistance from Apple’s support staff, have your device fixed at authorised service centres, and in some circumstances, get an instant replacement for defective equipment. After purchasing your device, you have a specified amount of time to purchase AppleCare.

Applecare Protection Plan
Applecare Protection Plan

AppleCare Protection Plan iPhone

  • Purchase a new iPhone from a store that is authorised by Apple.
  • Usually, you should purchase AppleCare within 60 days of purchasing your iPhone to ensure that it is covered by the policy.
  • To purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for your iPhone, go to the Apple website, Apple Store app, or an Apple retail location.
  • Utilise the AppleCare Agreement Number to sign up for AppleCare for your iPhone.
  • Depending on the individual plan you select, AppleCare extends the warranty coverage for your iPhone for up to two or three years.
  • Parts and labour for qualified repairs are covered by AppleCare.

Note: Access to Apple’s technical support staff is another benefit of AppleCare, who may help with any software-related issues or general inquiries regarding your iPhone.

AppleCare Protection Plan Mac

  • Verify whether AppleCare is available for your iMac.
  • Normally, you have 60 days after purchasing your iMac to get AppleCare.
  • Utilising the AppleCare Agreement Number, you received after purchasing, sign up for AppleCare for your iMac.
  • Your gadget is linked to the protection plan in this way.
  • Your iMac’s warranty is extended by AppleCare.
  • If your iMac develops any hardware problems while it is covered by the warranty, you can have it fixed by an authorised Apple service partner.

AppleCare protection plan MacBook Pro13

  • To purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for your MacBook Pro 13
  • In the Apple website, Apple Store app, or an Apple retail location.
  • Apply for AppleCare for your MacBook Pro 13 using the AppleCare Agreement Number that was given to you after purchase.
  • Your MacBook Pro 13’s warranty is extended with AppleCare, giving you extra years of support and service on top of the regular warranty.

What is the difference between Walmart protection plan vs AppleCare

Here’s a comparison chart highlighting the key differences between the Walmart Protection Plan and AppleCare

Comparison PointWalmart Protection PlanAppleCare
ProviderOffered and administered by WalmartProvided and administered by Apple
Apple Stores and authorized centersWalmart stores and authorized partnersApple Stores and authorized centres
Brand-Specific SupportLimited or non-brand-specific technical supportApple-specific technical support
Service centersFlexible coverage options, potentially longer durations and lower costs  Standard duration and pricing, may offer extended options
Transferability  Transferable to a new owner (in most cases)Standard duration and pricing may offer extended options

What is the Difference Between the AppleCare Protection plan vs Applecare+125

Comparison Between the AppleCare Protection Plan and AppleCare+

FeatureAppleCare Protection PlanAppleCare+
Coverage for accidental damageNot includedIncluded
Coverage for theft or lossNot includedIncluded (with additional fee)
Coverage for hardware repairsIncludedIncluded
Coverage for software supportIncludedIncluded
Duration of coverageUp to 3 yearsUp to 2 years (extends to 3 with AC+ for iPhone)
Number of incidents coveredNoneUp to 2 incidents (with service fee)
Service fee for accidental damageN/AService fee applies
Service fee for theft or lossN/AService fee applies
Coverage for accessoriesNot includedNot included
AppleCare+ enrolment windowN/AWithin 60 days of device purchase

What AppleCare Protection Plan Covers?

The AppleCare Protection Plan provides coverage for the following:

  • If your Apple gadget develops a manufacturing flaw or a hardware issue, it will be repaired, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.
  • Access to Apple’s technical support for software-related concerns is a feature of the AppleCare Protection Plan.
  • For help with macOS, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and other Apple software, get in touch with Apple’s professionals.
  • If your device needs repairs, Apple will make sure the work is done by specialists who have been certified by the company and is done using original Apple components.
  • The plan extends the warranty period for your equipment up to three years from the time of purchase.
  • Both the basic one-year limited warranty and the additional protection offered by the AppleCare Protection Plan are included in this.

How to File a Claim with AppleCare Protection Plan

Contact Apple Support if you need help. They can be reached in a number of ways:

  • Phone:
    • Directly contact Apple Support and describe your circumstance. They will assist you in filing your claim.
    • On Apple’s official website, you can discover the right support phone number for your area.
  • Online Support:
    • Start a chat session or submit a support request by going to Apple’s support website.
    • Explain that you must submit a claim under your AppleCare Protection Plan and give the relevant information.
  • Arrange Service or Repair:
    • If the problem has to be fixed or serviced, Apple will work with you to make the required arrangements.
    • This can entail having your device shipped to an Apple Repair Centre, going to an Apple Store, or pointing you in the direction of a licensed service provider.
    • Apple will guarantee that the repair is made using genuine Apple parts by Apple-certified professionals.

How much is AppleCare Protection Plan?

  • The cost of an iPhone normally varies between One hundred twenty-nine dollars.
  • The cost of an iPad normally varies from Sixty-nine dollars.
  • Prices for Mac products (iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc.) normally range from Three hundred seventy-nine dollars.
  • Apple Watch: The cost usually varies Reference:
  • between Forty-nine dollars to Seventy-nine dollars.

How to get a discount on the AppleCare protection plan

You may be qualified for discounted prices on Apple products and services, including the AppleCare Protection Plan, if you are a student, educator, or staff member at an educational institution, or if you work for specific businesses or organisations.

Does the AppleCare protection plan cover accidental damage?

No, unintentional damage to your Apple device is not covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan. It primarily offers coverage for software support and hardware fixes linked to flaws or faults in production. The baseline AppleCare Protection Plan does not cover accidental harm like drops, spills, or bodily harm.


Can you extend the AppleCare protection plan?

The AppleCare Protection Plan cannot be extended past its first year of coverage, so no. The AppleCare Protection Plan offers coverage for up to three years after the date when your Apple device was first purchased. You cannot renew or extend the coverage after it has ended.

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