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Apple Pay makes paying for items in physical stores, apps, and online both easy and safe. You can link your PC Mastercard Apple Pay and effortlessly make touchless payments at countless global merchants.

One of the key reasons why you need to use your card with Apple Pay is to ensure your card is secure and Apple Pay is the form of payment method that you actively use to make purchases and make payments to merchants, vendors or anyone else.

The below guide will help you go through the process to learn how simple it is to connect the President’s choice financial mastercard to Apply Pay for future payments. We will also discuss the steps needed to follow to pay Apple Pay with PC Financial mastercard.

PC Financial Mastercard Apple Pay

How to Add PC Financial Mastercard to Apple Pay

The guide outlines the process of adding your President’s Choice Financial Mastercard to Apple Pay in simple steps.

  1. Open your iPhone and then open Settings on your device.
  2. Click on Wallet & Apple Pay, then add Card, then Continue.
  3. Choose Enter Card Details Manually.
  4. Enter your President’s Choice Financial Mastercard info:
    • Card number
    • Expiry date
    • CVV
    • Cardholder name
  5. Tap Continue and follow on-screen instructions to finish
  6. Click on Save.

PC Mastercard Apple Pay Payment Process

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use your PC Financial Mastercard with Apple Pay and this can be followed only if your ApplePay is connected to PC Financial Master card.

  1. Bring your device close to the contactless reader.
  2. Tap the Apple Pay logo when it appears.
  3. Use Touch ID or your passcode.
  4. Your payment will be processed.

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What devices can I use to add my PC Financial Mastercard to Apple Pay?

You can link your PC Financial Master card to ApplePay on iPhone 6 or later (with iOS 11+), Apple Watch Series 1 or later (with watchOS 4+), or iPad Pro, iPad (5th gen), iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 or later (with iOS 11+).

Can I make payment with a PC Financial Master Card with Apple Pay using Apple Watch

Yes, You can do this by adding your card to your Apple Watch using your iPhone, or by using your PC Financial Mastercard in stores that accept contactless payments.

What if I don’t have a PC Financial Mastercard

In case you don’t possess a PC Financial Master card, you can still utilize Apple Pay with other credit or debit cards compatible with the Apple Pay service.

What if I have trouble adding my PC Mastercard to Apple Pay

If you have trouble adding your PC Financial Master card to Apple Pay, you can try to make sure your card is still valid, try restarting the device, make sure your device is running on the latest OS and if it still does not work then reach out to either your card issue for help or device service support for help.

Is it safe to add my PC Financial Mastercard to Apple Pay

Certainly, adding your PC Financial Mastercard to Apple Pay is secure. Apple Pay employs tokenization, a robust technology, to safeguard your card details effectively.

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