RING Protect Plan and Types of Protection Plans

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The programme offers consumers of Ring products including video doorbells, security cameras, and alarm systems extra features and advantages.

Ring Protect Plan

A membership service provided by Ring called the Ring Protect Plan gives your Ring home security equipment improved features and advantages.

It offers the option for professional monitoring services, an extended warranty for Ring devices, and video recording capabilities.

The programme enables you to capture and preserve video footage, adds protection for your devices, and gives expert monitoring for higher levels of security. and some plans

  • Video Recording: You can record, watch, and download videos that your Ring devices have taken using this feature. Videos can be accessed and kept for up to 30 days.
  • Snapchat Capture: Ring gadgets have the ability to take pictures all day long, giving a rapid visual update of activity.
  • Video Review: Recorded videos are available for review and, if wanted, sharing.

What Does Ring Protection Plan Included

In addition to professional monitoring (for Ring Alarm systems) and video recording, the Ring Protect Plan also offers unique discounts on future Ring device purchases. The particular features that are offered depend on the plan you select.

ring protect plan
Ring Protect Plan

Ring Protect Plus Plan

  1. All Basic Feature: All the features of the Basic plan are included in the Ring Protect Plus plan
  2. Extended Warranty: Ring will take care of any hardware problems or flaws on eligible devices.
  3. Professional Monitoring: Particularly accessible for Ring Alarm systems, this feature. It offers expert 24/7 home monitoring,

Ring Video Doorbell Pro With 12 Months Ring Protect Plus Plan

  • Ring offers a bundle called the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with 12 months of Ring Protect Plus Plan.
  • The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, a high-definition video doorbell with sophisticated capabilities
  • Also included, along with a 12-month membership to the Ring Protect Plus Plan.
  • With the help of your smartphone or other connected devices, you can see, hear, and communicate with guests
  • At your door using the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, a stylish and slim doorbell camera.
  • It includes two-way voice communication, adjustable night vision, and motion detection.
  • You will have access to these features if you purchase the 12-month plan that is part of this bundle.

Ring Protect Plan Cost

The Ring Protect Plan’s price varies depending on the subscription level and the frequency of payments (monthly or yearly).

Basic Ring Protect:

  • Monthly Plan: $3 per device each month
  • Annual Plan: $30 per device annually

Ring Protection Plus:

  • $10 monthly plan (includes all devices at one location)
  • $100 yearly plan (includes all devices at one location)

It’s important to remember that prices could change depending on your region and any current promotional deals.

Which Ring Protection Plan Should I Choose?

  • Unlimited cameras are included in the Plus package’s cloud history, while the Pro plan also provides active monitoring.
  • If you decide to use Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro, you should choose the Protect Pro plan because it is the only one that offers round-the-clock expert monitoring.

Ring Protect Plan Discount Code

Terms & Conditions for the 10% discount on Ring Protect

  • One advantage of a Ring Protect trial or membership is a 10% savings on future purchases of particular Ring goods.
  • Check out the Ring items available for the 10% discount here.
  • The price cut is valid for orders placed on Ring.com.
  • a valid subscription to Ring Protect Basic, Plus, or Pro, or a current trial.

Ring Protect Plan Review

  • Although Ring’s cameras lack the feature set of Google Nest’s Cams (see our complete Google Nest Cam review here),
  • all of their cameras are dependable. They are one of the leading manufacturers of security camera systems for a reason
  • You may still view video footage without Ring Protect thanks to features like Live View, motion-activated notifications, two-way communication and Theft Protection.

How Much Ring Camera Protection Plan?

The Ring Protect Plan, often referred to as the Ring Camera Protection Plan, provides subscription choices for extra features and advantages for Ring camera systems.

Plan for Protecting a Ring Camera:

  • Monthly Plan: $3 per device each month
  • Annual Plan: $30 per device annually

You can review and download recorded videos for up to 60 days with the Ring Protect Basic plan, which offers video recording and storage for a single Ring camera device.

Can I Access the Recorded Videos Without a Ring Protect Plan

You can still see live video feeds from your Ring devices without a Ring Protect Plan, but you won’t be able to record and save movies for later viewing. To see and download recorded videos, you must have the Ring Protect Plan.

Does Ring Protect Plan Works in Canada

Yes, Canada accepts and uses Ring Protect Plans. Ring, an Amazon company, offers a number of subscription options for its home security goods, including video doorbells and security cameras, under the name Ring Protect. Beyond the fundamental operation of the Ring devices, these plans offer extra features and advantages.

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