Voucher Meaning and Voucher Requirements

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Want to buy a voucher to purchase something but confusing about the perfect voucher meaning and use of voucher, so make a end to it, just check the voucher meaning, main purpose of voucher and voucher requirements…

A Voucher is a document that does contain information of amount payable to the Voucher holder from the accounts payable department. Government indeed issues vouchers for the school programs, housing, welfare programs which are redeemable through various programs.

Voucher might also be seen as a coupon or ticket which is redeemable in place of some goods or service. In airlines, hotels, shopping malls and similar hospitality industry does issue Voucher with some bonus amount that in return attracts the customer to utilize their service again like which telecom companies like Airtel, BSNL and UPI payment portal and Cloud Server, Domain Hosting companies and many more offering with various vouchers to attract their customers.


Main purpose of using Vouchers

  • Voucher is a document used by the company accounts payable department in supporting the invoice.
  • Voucher, also a backup document that is used for accounts payable that are owed by companies to supplier or vendors
  • Voucher used by private and government business to give bonus or excess amount through a redeemable slip to their customers

In general, companies have obligations for payment to their suppliers or vendors through a period of time. Companies need to buy the raw material and goods in regular time with credit amount which they don’t have.

Thus they supply the supplier with Voucher to redeem after 30 days or 90 days. That is like postpaid amount in card which can be only redeemed after stipulated time.

Voucher Requirements

There are some basic requirements of Voucher which are listed below.

  • Invoice from supplier
  • Vendor name to be paid
  • Proof of payment and date
  • Companies purchase order to redeem excess amount gained through offer

What is the exact definition of Voucher?

There are lot of different meanings or say categories in vouchers. So in common use voucher is a check that used to purchase any product in future.

Is the gift card and Voucher same?

Not in all cases, but gift card is also known as gift voucher that contains some money credited into it to buy something and it must have the expiry date.

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