Starbucks Birthday Reward – How to Apply for Reward

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In this article, we will help you understand about the Starbucks birthday reward program and how anyone can join this program to avail free rewards on your birthdays. Also, we will guide you on how you can apply for Starbucks birthday reward program and look into common issues you may face with it.

Are you a fan of Starbucks drinks? If yes, then you would be happy to hear that they have an exclusive birthday rewards Starbucks program that customers can apply and receive complimentary free birthday drinks or food. Here we will provide the process to proceed further, let’s check.

How to get Starbucks Birthday Reward

Follow the below steps to be able to apply for your favourite rewards program and be ready to receive a reward on your birthday by Starbucks.

  • Join Starbucks reward program from website or app at least 7 days prior to your birthday
  • Update your birthday on the app or website on your account
  • In order to avail the Starbucks birthday reward you can either scan the barcode for the member app or else show your member card at the Starbucks
starbuck birthday reward
starbuck birthday reward

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What will provide for Free in Starbucks Birthday Reward

So the primary question once you are all set to receive your birthday reward from Starbucks is what is all included in the reward and below is the list.

  • Receive 1 complimentary beverage made by hand (or)
  • Complimentary food item (or)
  • Complimentary bottled beverage which is ready to drink

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What are the Common Issues with Starbucks Birthday Reward?

If you have received a Starbucks birthday reward and tried to use it as shown in the above process but sometime you might face issues such as the reward might not show up or it is expired too. So, we will address those common issues and their answers.

What to do if Starbucks Birthday Reward not Showing Up?

According to the Starbucks reward program, you need to have earned at least one star from 12 months before your birthday to be able to receive the Starbucks Birthday reward on your account and be eligible for it.

What is the Starbucks Birthday Reward Expiration

Your Starbucks Birthday rewards are loaded into your account on your birthday and are available 30 days from that day. After 30 days of your birthday, the Starbucks Birthday reward will expire.

I did not get Starbucks Birthday Reward for my Birthday

On your Starbucks profile, you need to ensure that you have your birthday updated and only then will Starbucks be able to give you a reward for your birthday.

Can I get my free Starbucks birthday drink after my birthday?

Starbucks birthday reward will be available up to 30 days after your birthday.

What size drink can I get with Starbucks birthday reward?

You can receive any size Starbucks drink with up to 2 customizations for Starbucks birthday reward.

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