Total VISA Credit Card with Login, Payment and Activation

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Total VISA credit card can be utilized in the purpose of two things such as customer can maintain a limited credit card score and you need not be depositing any money to get the card, you can get aware of everyday purchases and credit card history.

Let us check the simple methods to login into the Total Visa Credit card and activation and find easy steps to make a payment using the credit card of Total Visa.

Total Visa Credit Card

Total Visa Credit Card

Here are the easy steps to login the Total Visa Credit Card and enjoy the benefits of the Total Visa credit card. Initially you need to apply for credit card or register into Total Visa Credit Card for the further process.

  1. Visit the official website of Total Visa Credit Card
  2. Fill the application, Enter the first name, last name
  3. Provide your Email address in the empty field of email address
  4. Enter your street address such as city, state, zip code, your working mobile number
  5. If you have active checking account, make a tick on yes or No
  6. You need to confirm your age, by making a mark on the box of confirmation
  7. Select the box of physical and digital communications from progress credit card
  8. You can also select the design of the credit card of Total Visa Card
  9. Click on continue and check the review terms & conditions
  10. Tap on Approval and Pay the program fee through your online banking and different through net banking.

After completion of applying of credit card, you need to login the total visa credit card.

  1. Initially, register into the Total Credit Card through official website
  2. Click on register option, enter your account number
  3. Provide your postal code, email address and security question
  4. Enter last digits of your social security number, it is for the verification of your credit card
  5. Select the username and password, the password should be in -between the 7-17 characters and it should can contain atleast one lower Case, Upper Case, one number, one special character.
  6. After confirmation of registration in Total Visa Credit Card
  7. Enter username and password in the empty fields of username and password
  8. Tap on login option to login into the Total Visa Credit card.

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Activate Total VISA Card

The simple steps are mentioned below to activate the received Total Visa Card.

  1. Go to official website of Total VISA Card
  2. Click on the option of Activate your Card available on the home page of Total Visa Card
  3. Check your Application ID and verify your Credit card limit
  4. Enter your card number, last digits of your SSN, and your mobile number which is used for the card registration
  5. Tap on the option of Activate the Card to complete the process

NOTE: if you paid the program fee of Total VISA Card then you need to wait for 30 minutes of time to activate the card. Otherwise, if you not received the card then wait until the card arrives then go with the process of activation of card.

Total VISA Credit Card Payment

Find the simple steps to make the online payment of Total Visa Card

  1. Visit the official website of Total VISA Card
  2. Login to your account by providing the username and password
  3. Navigate to home page of Total Visa Card and check the option of payment
  4. Click on it, enter your account number and also provide your routing number
  5. Verify the modes or methods of payments to complete the transaction
  6. Click on Pay option to complete the process of making transaction.

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