Citi Credit Card Payment in Online and Mobile App

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Citi credit card payment come with diverse benefits, ranging from cash back rewards to travel perks. As users navigate the realm of credit, understanding the intricacies of making payments is fundamental to maintaining financial health.

If you have been using your Citi credit card even for sometime then you might have received your bill payment as well.

Have you ever wondered that making your bill dues and its payments would be easy? If not, then you should read this article because you would learn more about the easiest way to make Citi credit card payment online which also includes a process on how you can complete login and more ways to streamline your Citi credit card account online.

Citi Credit Card Payment

Citi Credit Card Online Access Setup

In order for you to use your Citi credit card online then you need to link it with your Citi account and below is the process to Set IP.

  1. Open the Citi credit card registration for online access from here
  2. Select Credit/ Debit Card Number, then enter your credit card number
  3. Next click on Continue button, now you need to verify your account by entering your credit card CVV and PIN and then enter the OTP received
  4. Once done you will need to set up your online access by entering your account information details along with account Username and Password
  5. Once done click on confirm and verification email will be sent to your registered email address
  6. You will receive confirmation that your account has been setup

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Citi Credit Card Payment Online

Follow the below instructions in order to complete your Citi credit card payment online.

  1. Go to Citi official website from here and then from the homepage.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password
  3. Click on Sign On button to complete sign in to your account
  4. Under Accounts, Go to Payments and then click on Make a Payment button
  5. Select the credit card you want to make a payment for, then select the payment details such as amount and date
  6. Next select the Payment Account to pay for the credit card payment, then verify the payment details
  7. Click on Submit Payment, review your payment and receive confirmation for the same and click on Done

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Citibank Credit Card Payment With App

You can also download the CitiBank app and then follow the instructions to complete Citibank credit card payment online using the app.

  1. Open the Citibank app and then sign in with your Username and Password, then click on Sign On button
  2. Go to Payments or Homepage, where you will see the due amount and then click on Make a Payment button
  3. Under Payment page you need to enter, from, to, Amount and Date
  4. Next check your details and then click on Verify button and then confirm your payment by clicking on Credit Card Payment
  5. Once done you will receive credit card payment confirmation.

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