Today Bank Open or Not & Bank timings according to the Day

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Have any work in bank today but confused that bank Opens or not? So Just check clear details of Bank timings and holidays to complete your work timely…

Bank is now one of the most important parts of every one’s life to have safe money transactions. In recent times, most of the population has moved to save their amount in Banks and there has been a large decline in using the amount in hand. Everyone around does online transactions or shopping, paying bills, booking tickets and for various similar purposes.

Thus to have their online transaction and fund transactions in place, it is very much important to know if the bank is open or not. Even though the online transaction helps a lot, to have a quick check. Or to get any service people do prefer Bank branches and to know whether today banks is open or not.

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Today Bank Open or Not

Today Bank Open or Not in Detail

It is much required to know when a Bank is open or not, as they work on specific hours only. Customers are requested to reach the Bank branch in their open times only. To make any offline transaction or even to get your salary credit date is mandatory to check for Bank holiday.

  • Monday to Friday the Bank is Open between 10 AM to 4 PM with an lunch Break of 1 hour in between
  • Any Cash Deposit and Credit accepted in Bank Branch between 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM
  • The Bank closed on Second Saturday and fourth Saturday of Every Month
  • Bank closed on every Sunday with having Online Transaction to be Open
  • On ever 1st ,3rd and 5th Saturday the Bank is open between Normal business hours
  • Banks Closed on National Holidays and all States Holidays
WeekdayBusiness TimingsWeeksOpen/ Close

Is Bank Open Today or Not Based on region?

Yes, there are different holidays based on national and state specific holidays. Thus Banks can be open in one state and closed in another state for a specific holiday. Thus it is always mandatory to check your calendar to view the Bank holidays.

What happens if I use RTGS during a Bank Holiday?

Any RTGS transaction on non-business or working hours of a Bank will not truncate. The transaction put on hold and will only cleared once the Bank re-opens on the very next working day.

Does every bank have similar working hours?

As per details of every bank’s working hours, there are a lot of differences between the hours of every Bank. However, every bank opens in the morning at 10:00 AM but some close at 3:00 PM. Also some do close at 5:00 PM.

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